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Kiesha MeikleHave you noticed something different about the StyleAble website? Well, if you wondered why StyleAble just keeps on getting better, it’s because we have a fantastic new editorial team and each week we have an influx of brand new content from our brilliant writers.

We have also added a few more sections to the website (including an interiors section) and this will continue to grow over the next few months.

We have had a great year here at the StyleAble offices, we have moved to a bigger office space and have also found ourselves a studio for some upcoming shoots. We are still keen to hear from PRs (as always), despite our bulging inboxes we welcome contact, new ideas and content.

We also have a brand new media pack, some of the information you can see below. For a breakdown of costs and a copy of the media pack, as always just drop me a line at info@styleable.co.uk.

StyleAble was founded in 2010 by Kiesha Meikle and it is now one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for fashion and lifestyle content. As well as being StyleAble’s Publisher, Kiesha also writes for a range of publications, including Huffington Post and Black Beauty & Hair magazine. Her extensive career as a writer includes top titles like Marie Claire, Top Sante, The Voice, Blues & Soul Magazine and Pride (to name a few). She has also worked with major channels like BBC Radio 4, Insight Radio, Choice FM and MTV.

StyleAble in Numbers
StyleAble reaches close to 70,000 lifestyle & fashion enthusiasts every month – with the vast majority of those readers living in the UK. With almost 5,000 articles on our backend database, StyleAble delivers the desirable content necessary to attract a unique audience within the UK fashion and lifestyle scene. The growth of Twitter has been crucial for design-related markets and StyleAble now has almost 4,500 followers – many of whom are highly influential in this industry. We also maintain a database of active bloggers who work in partnership with StyleAble around launches and other promotional activities.

Kiesha in Numbers
Having analysed Kiesha’s impact across all of the media she is involved with, including Huffington Post – her combined reach in 2015 was over 1 million.

Working with StyleAble
The key reason behind the success of StyleAble.co.uk is the editorial team. We channel our advertising revenues toward creating as much high quality content as possible. We are able to offer a series of intelligent tools that will let you access our audience in smarter ways.

*Kiesha Meikle is a lifestyle journalist and communications expert with over 15 years experience. For consultation email: editor@styleable.co.uk

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  1. Hello Keisha

    You may not remember me, but we talked several years ago as I began a voyage/project to sail from San Diego to France alone pn a small boat. I am legally blind, and you folks did a story on me. I am living and touring in France (I am a musician) now. The trip had an horrific end with the US Coast Guard, and I lost my boat a few hundred miles off the coast of Baja Mexico.

    I am, after some recovery period, starting the project again. (some folks can’t learn, I guess). But this time I tart from Europe, go to San Diego, and will fly a flag from another country for protection from the US Coast Guard.

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