Juno, Shoreditch

Burger and chips at Juno

I am on a mission to find the perfect place to work. Join me as I travel through the UK and abroad, perfecting my work-life balancing act. By Kiesha Meikle

Believe it or not, right now I am sitting blogging from Juno in Shoreditch. I am going to call this an ‘instablog’ – do you like it?

Having just left the oh-so-stylish Black and White building (review on it’s way), there is a bit of a contrast sitting next to a mammoth sized vege burger and glass of wine ( the glass looks like a fish bowl). Never the less, I love Juno – and not just because of the chips.

For one, they are playing 80’s and 90s soul (loudly!) and despite my request for a table with a plug, so I can use my laptop, they have been pretty darn accommodating.

Being a digital nomad means that finding convenient places to work from is a skill you must quickly acquire. I am not one of those people who needs complete silence and fresh flowers by my desk, what I need is a bit of atmosphere and Juno has it. The staff are friendly and even during the day, this ‘after hours’ style venue is cool and cosy. Dark wooden floors, school room tables and chairs and crazy art on the walls – I am not kidding, I am sitting in front of a picture of Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show. Did I say I love Juno? I do.

The Wifi is free, just ask for the code and you will have a couple of hours to play with (there seems to be some kind of timer on the system).

So let’s be honest, do I feel silly working on a laptop in this environment? A bit. Would I do it again? Yes. If only for the fishbowl wine and Cliff Huxtable art.

Juno, I will be back.


Cliff Huxtable art at Juno