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Wardrobe malfunction

You know that moment when you realise your shoes are unbearable and that you can’t walk another step? Or when..

Got it nailed?

You are not ready until your nails are on point…if you know what I mean. Nail trends have been a..
Would you?

Would you?

My friend is getting married in October and the last time we spoke, she told me about the moment when..

Key pieces…described.

The key to staying ahead of the game in the fashion stakes?  Mix it up!  Grab yourself some printed items, ..

Giveaway: Shoes!

Ok, so they are a little bright! But trust me, anything with colour, especially neon, will set you in good..

Hair extensions

So you want longer hair but have recently had a bob cut?  Well, never fear because hair extensions can be a..

Big mistake…huge!

There are many positions of power to be found in society today. Politicians, judges, doctors and of course the monarchy...

Christmas is coming!

  Christmas is coming, so what on earth are you going to wear to all of those parties?  This season’s..