ASK Italian chocolate Gnocchi

You spend the week at work, Saturday you do all your chores and then Sunday rolls around…
By Kiesha Meikle

I am old enough to remember a time when Sundays were reserved for church (if you were religious) or for staying in bed until 1pm, cooking a roast dinner and watching the 4 channels you had to choose from on your square TV set (yes, i’m that old). This was because most shops were closed on a Sunday or they closed around midday. They seem like halcyon times to me now – there was zero incentive to do anything, or even leave the house. Sunday was a day of rest whether you liked it or not.

No longer.

Sunday is now like any other day – a day to lean in, get it done, hit your goals, do more, be more etc. etc. Ad infinitum.

#selfcare was invented to encourage us to take a break, to stop and consider our mental and physical health and wellbeing. This can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s all about food. If you have ever seen or read ‘Eat, Prayer, Love’ you will know what I mean. I peaked and stopped at the eat stage, but food is my love language and it’s a hill i’m willing to die on. #dont@me

Last #selfcare Sunday I decided to spend the day at ASK Italian. I felt the need for warmth, comfort food, relaxation and no time whatsoever spent in my own kitchen. Here’s how it went down:

ASK Italian, London Bridge

The thing about London Bridge is on a Sunday it’s actually quite bearable – no commuters, no grey suits and lots of space to sit down in your restaurant of choice. TOP TIP: Canary Wharf is also a dream on a Sunday.

It’s cold, really cold and the first feeling I get on entering ASK Italian is warmth, that and the heady smell of cheese, tomatoes and garlic. #win

I’d heard about the new 3 course dessert they had launched and in the name of #selfcare I am determined to give it a go – with a friend for support. After a bowl of seafood liguini (£12.95) as large as my stomach, garlic bread (£4.95) that looks more like a large pizza base and a glass of my fav Malbec (£6.25) I brace myself for the dessert trio I have heard so much about…

Look, having a 3 course dessert could sound like alot to the uninitiated. But I have known for a long time that if you combine the right flavours and serve it up just right, there is ALWAYS room for dessert – even if the dessert has pasta in it.

The starter: Baked Chocolate Gnocchi

These are chocolate dumplings on a stick which you then dip into a bowl of warm chocolate. To clarify, they have chocolate inside them and then you dip them into MORE chocolate – there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

The main course: Rhubarb and Custard Ravioli

Pink pasta envelopes are filled with rhubarb and topped with vanilla custard. Mouth watering and made even more so by the mix of textures – including crumble.

To Finish: Prosecco Sorbet

A light and refreshing sorbet with the hint of an alcohol flavour.

By the end of my meal I almost hugged my waiter. After all, I had spent my Sunday with him. He had served me pasta and chocolate dumplings, we had chatted and laughed together, he almost felt like family…too much? Never mind.

My point is my #selfcare Sunday was just about as indulgent as you can get. I recommend you do the same…3 desserts and all.

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