Givenchy jumoer

woman carrying Fendi bagI stand by every single statement I have ever made about body positivism, wearing what you want at any age and throwing caution to the wind when it comes to your personal style. HOWEVER, I just cannot help but feel that I am too old for logos (don’t @ me).

I remember the logo trend the last time it came around – because ALL trends do. I remember when we all wore head to toe Fendi logos, Chanel stud earrings and let the LV show on our scarves. I don’t remember any of this with fondness. I did it because everyone else did, but I didn’t like it much. I put that all down to youth…whence the feeling that I am too old (and wise) for this particular trend now. Do I sound smug much? (don’t @ me).

Or maybe i’m just not into some logos, or logo overkill, or the fact that brands don’t generally design with me in mind – that is, according to their marketing imagery. In fact, the idea of promoting a brand’s logo when they don’t promote women like me, irks me.  When was the last time Gucci used a 40 year old, afro sporting, size 12 woman of colour to front their campaign? I’ll wait. Look, i’m not going to ignore a piece of clothing that I like just because the brand isn’t thinking of me. But wear their logo emblazoned on my body like some kind of walking billboard? Nope.

Logo loco?

According to Vogue, logos are bigger, louder and they will be printed everywhere and on everything this season. A Pinterest 100 Report says there has been an increase of 203 percent in saves for ‘logos’ across the globe since 2017. For those of you who dislike or are 50/50 on the logo trend thing, there are ways you can give it a try without looking like you have sold your soul or been transported straight from the 90’s (not in a good way). So, here goes…

Moschino teddy shirtMosh innit

Ah, a 90’s fav! The Moschino logo. I remember rolling up to Jungle raves in Moschino loafers, jeans and matching jacket. Not keen? Really?

Look, if you are going to logo, do it with a sense of humour, it could add a fun element to your outfit. I have seen a Moschino belt on high wasted jeans done very well, I have seen a moschino logo T with a teddy bear and a blazer done even better. Either way, just don’t take yourself too seriously, k? That Zoolander ‘blue steel’ face and a Moschino logo? It’s a hard no. Just don’t.

Are Gucci and Chanel the exceptions?

Statement logo jewellery is not my thing, but could you catch me on Instagram with a Chanel or Gucci broach, a checked jacket dressed down with some jeans and a funky fro to set the whole thing off? Maybe, I’m fickle like that. That double G or those perfectly placed C’s can add some affordable luxe to an outfit, and worn ironically…whatever (don’t @ me).

But do you even lift bro?

Gym leggings, but no membership? Same babes, same. Yoga pants have become everyday wear and I am here for it. When you have kids, leggings are life and anything that requires ironing, zipping or shoes can basically suck it.  You can’t really do sports luxe without sports luxe logos, so now we are all ok with Nike (post Colin Kaepernick) we can let the logo show with confidence. I jest, but I am not completely adverse to the Nike tick, plus if I wear this bra under my clothese who’s the wiser?

Nike sports braAn ode to Viv

Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution campaigns are designed to protect sea life – saving the ocean and saving our wardrobes? Could there be a more high end, worthy, non problematic brand? Well, actually shes been accused of being all talk and no action, greenwashing her brand for marketing purposes. Is this true, I DON’T KNOW but do you see what I mean? When you wear a logo you wear a brand. Now if the logo is a key part of an already beautiful design, it’s about the design and that’s that. Can you be blamed for buying something beautiful, even if it is destroying our eco system? Don’t answer that.


Loving the logo trend or nah?