Extreme Beauty: How far will you go?

It has to be seen to be believed.

The transformations I have witnessed are nothing short of miraculous.

Just Google Youtube ‘The power of make-up’ or simply ‘make-over videos’ and you will see exactly what I mean. Some of these make-overs are done by ‘novices’ in their bedrooms. Teenage girls who have mastered the magical art of make-up and are now able to turn themselves into real life supermodels. Then there are the MUAs. More than once have I been drawn into a video binge that has taken me from the weird world of Jeffree Star to Patrick Starr, Wayne Goss, Teaira Walker and Alissa Ashley.

I am not a fan of shaming, but I have criticised women who go ham on the slap…

I have chuckled at  women who are too heavy handed with make-up, but take a look at this video from NikkieTutorials and see what you think. Is make-up shaming even a thing??

What these videos reveal is that there really are no boundaries when it comes to ‘laying that wig’ or ‘beating that face’ (that’s YouTube beauty guru speak for the uninitiated). Beware, they are not for the feint hearted.  Intrigued? Just check this out:

Nose Contouring: Feel like your nose is not your best feature? Got a bump on the bridge or crooked tip? Not a problem, as you can literally brush it away with the right powders, creams and highlighters. Contour kits are widely available, but it’s all in the technique…

The Instant Face Lift: It’s a kit which provides a quick fix solution for older women who are experiencing facial sagging or wrinkling. The kit uses hypoallergenic surgical grade tape, that work by pulling back the skin from around the face, neck and eye area – they literally pull and stick the skin back! There are two types available, one requires an elastic strap which is attached to the tape and then tied at the back of the head to create a pull. The other simply uses tape, strategically placed to fasten the skin back. You can buy Bring it Up, Instant Facelift on £14.00,  or Art Hardings Instant Facelift on Amazon £11.59.

The Lip Plumper: A gadget for those who were not blessed with a voluptuous pout. Easy to use, the lip plumper is a temporary option for an evening out or event. The best plumpers will give you a pouty mouth for (at most) a couple of hours. Manufacturers have claimed that with regular use, a more permanent effect is possible (I doubt this very much). Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips Lip Pump is available from £35.00.

Extreme coverage: There is foundation and then there is extreme cover foundation. If you thought your acne scars, red lines or pigmentation was a cross you just had to bare, well you were wrong. If there is a foundation out there for it, then you will find it on Youtube…

The lace front wig: ‘Yes it is my hair…I bought it.’ There are many types of lace wig cap styles – the most common is the full lace wig. They often require glue and tape for application. Lace front wigs are made with real human hair or synthetic hair which is tied, by hand, to a sheer lace base. Full lace wigs can be pulled into a high ponytail and up-do’s – some lace wigs also have ‘baby hair’ around the temple which helps to create a realistic hairline. Lace front wigs vary in price and can be purchased from various outlets and on Amazon. If you are not sure how to lay your wig, you have no excuse. Still, it takes skills to get it looking like this…

So, how far will you go in the pursuit of beauty?

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