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Kiesha MeikleWhere has the month gone? It’s like I slept through March and I’m still tired AF! Once again, I feel the need to throw a spotlight on some of our fav products – well, the ones that have come our way.  Some are products that came through via our health and fitness campaign, some we will be posting about during April-May for our focus on home and healing. Either way, these products stood out from a pile of PR stuff, so here goes…

Because they are orange and LOUD…

The Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo is a Bluetooth speaker that’s water, dirt and shock proof.  It’s rubberised silicone so it absorbs all drops, bangs and scrapes and is 100% waterproof. It features a detachable and versatile looping tail which twists, folds and locks the speaker into place for multiple mounting options. It even comes with a suction cup attachment so it can stick to just about any surface – such as a window or shower wall. Most importantly these speakers are super loud! The Swimmer Duo is available in Monochromatic Black, Blue, Orange and a limited edition, two-toned Green/Orange from £49.99. Available to buy from Amazon. (pictured above)

Proskins leggingsBecause working out is hard enough…

Look, if you feel the urge to workout…do it. My suggestion is to make it as easy on yourself as possible by getting some cool/comfortable/attractive workout gear. Whatever takes your fancy really, just make sure it will distract you from the fact that your muscles are being bashed about and your lungs and heart are being tortured (…or is that just me?). Proskins leggings are super comfortable to train in AND they claim to reduce cellulite. They are made from micro-encapsulated yarn, which contains, Vit E, caffeine, ceramides, retinol and aloe vera. I only know what half of those things do, but to be honest, for comfort alone these leggings are on point. Available from www.proskins.co £49.95.

Because finding time to read is tough…

I have a baby. She is full of energy most of the time, which means my only downtime is during her naps. Each nap-time I have to weigh up whether I sit down and read or… clean the entire house, do the washing, cook her next meal, wash the dishes then take a shower. Reading very rarely wins to be honest. Which is why Audible has become one of my favourite things to do when going about my day or working out. You just download an audiobook of your choice onto your android or tablet and what was once a chore becomes an opportunity  to listen to a book. Seriously, it’s a game changer. Audible are currently giving away free trials, so get yourself on there – I recommend the Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters.

Caron after eyebrowsBecause eyebrows …

Do you remember when we weren’t all so hung up on eyebrows? I do. Well, no longer, because if your eyebrows are not shaped, arched and filled you might as well just go home. One of our beauty writers recently tried out the Wunderbrow eyebrow kit and loved the look it gave her.

Worth a purchase? Well here are a few key points:

1. It’s semi-permanent so lasts longer than your eyebrow pencil

2.The colour is INTENSE so you don’t need alot

3. The applicator brush is epic

4. It wont sweat off, so it’s perfect for raving

The only negative about this product is that they claim it last for days  – not so. If you wash your face, it’s going to fade. If you wash your face well, it’s going to disappear.  That said, we like it.

Because we refuse to pay £25 a go for gel nails, when we can do it at home…

What’s that? I can do gel nails at home you say? Sign me up. Available from www.sensationail.co.uk, £49.99.


Good Things

  • Proskins leggings are durable, comfortable and look great!

Bad Things

  • We love Wonderbrow but is it as semi permanenet as they say?

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