Slogan t-shirt

Fendi sheer chiffon dressAh the fickle world of fash. Now that the New Year is underway, the fashion world has moved on. So what is worth concentrating on for Spring/Summer 2014?

Well, if you’re looking to stay on trend this year, below are the top five trends for the new season.

Woah…hold on!

Remember, sometimes keeping it stylish is actually much better than jumping on a trend. Understand your shape, wear what works for you and only wear those trends that YOU like. If you are an older woman and prefer classic, understated womenswear there are many options. If you want to keep it young and funky then do that. (Disclaimer: you can also keep it old and funky and young and classic too). Either way, don’t be a slave to trends, make them work for you.

With that said, here are some trends that you just might like…

1. Slogans

Giving a whole new meaning to body language, this coming season you can wear your mood on your chest by opting for a slogan. Feeling happy today? Wear it. Angry at the world? Wear it. People WILL read what you wear, so just keep it witty rather than offensive.

2. Art attack

Opting for a beautiful designer piece is like wearing art on your body – well, this year you can take it a step further. Designers are channelling Picasso and more by featuring arty prints on their designs. Opt for a modernist, pop art or an old master print if you can get your hands on one.

3. Sheer in chiffon

Keep it edgy not girly, panels rather than pleats. Wear your chiffon with attitude and let it add a feminine beauty to your tailored shirts.

4. All a shimmer with metallics

The catwalks showcased a great range of metallic clothing for this coming season – which means you’ll find a large collection of shimmer in stores too. You may want to focus on tribal style metallics which work surprisingly well – who would have thought?

5. Reverse buttoned shirts

One of the simplest (and strangest) trends to follow this spring/summer is the reverse unbuttoned look. This basically means that you button up the top two-three buttons and leave the rest open. This look was featured by many designers such as Alexander Wang (but has actually been done for years by my 60 year old neighbour, who also wears a string vest under his shirt). You can use this look on other clothing too, rather than just shirts.

6. The cow girl

Sheeeee’s baccckkk! One of the more frequent trends is back this coming season. It’s all about the cow girl mix and match. Chunky belts, cowgirl boots and denim shorts are all key pieces to invest in. You can be whatever type of cow girl you want, just as long as there’s some western style in there somewhere – the horse is optional.

7. The fringed traveller

The fringed effect was big in 2013 and it appears to be getting even bigger this year. Absolutely all types of clothing will feature fringing from casual to evening wear. There is a real sense of the wandering traveller around too with tassels, fringing and natural looking fabrics being worn with comfortable sandals. Influences from all over the world will be making an appearance, so keep it global won’t you.

So, what have I missed? What will / won’t you be wearing this season?