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A recession can be the perfect catalyst to stimulate creativity in the home. If your budget does not allow for constant redecoration, accessorising your living space can be as easy as accessorising your person – and just as affordable. With interiors mirroring fashion more and more, it is no surprise that trends like metals, bold colours, print, and natural materials are being sold as ‘must haves’ for the home. With top designers like Missoni and Ralph Lauren constantly crossing the line between fashion and interior design, taking inspiration from the catwalk could keep you ahead of the game, especially when it comes to styling your home on a budget…By the Editor.

Monochrome geometric print chair and wallpaper

Not every trend will work for you, but a few key pieces could turn your home into the perfect space to either entertain or relax, depending on your needs.

Shapes, prints and block colour (from geometric to monochrome) can be seen everywhere on the catwalk this season, so why not create interest at floor level, with a rug as your star piece. By working in colour and print at the base of your room, you can choose to either follow this through with a strong statement or keep things simple and let your floor piece do all of the talking.

For an eco-friendly take on interior design, ‘up-scaling’ could see you incorporating natural materials into your home. With a bit of paint, you could bring the outside in, by getting hold of a second hand table or chairs and repainting or finishing them. Create a zingynew focal point in your room and paint your second-hand finds with this season’s bold primary colours, pastels and even metallics.

If you are looking for a touch of glamour, opt for brass over gold. Timeless and affordable, brass accessories – like large lamps or even brass coloured wallpaper –  can rev up a space with little to no effort. Brass is everywhere, and can work with almost anything from on trend pretty florals to fluorescents and electric palettes.

2013 home decor trends + brass home accents 2013

Gloss, high shine or ‘sheen’ is as popular in the home as it is on the catwalk. From patent to two-tone tonic, leather to Perspex, polish to lacquer –and just about anything in between – keeping things glossy will keep you up to date. If you’re unsure about going for gloss, opt for a natural rug as a balancer and keep floors neutral and natural.

If all of this sounds outside of your budget, try shopping around for key pieces in even the most unlikely places. Statement wallpapers can be found in large DIY stores at very reasonable prices, look out for fashion retailers crossing into homeware like H&M and Next and for funky accessories you could even try places like Asda. Inspiration really can come from anywhere and can be accessed with almost any budget.

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