Two tone nails on fabulous model...totes amaze!

Perfect nailsPerfectly polished nails can make all the difference to your image, fact! It sends a message to the world: ‘Hey there world, I am in control, I am groomed and glossy and ready to succeed.’ Or something like that. The ony problem with having great nails is that getting them to look good can be a real chore and maintaining them an even bigger one.

Liesl is a beauty therapist from the Karine Jackson salon, Covent Garden, she says “It can take time, but you should always use a base coat and overcoat as they will make your polished nails last so much longer. People tend to leave these steps out, but actually it can mean the difference between nails that last for a couple of days and those that last much longer.” This is all true, but it can also be expensive, not to mention the time needed to apply so many coats of paint!

This said, there are some occasions when perfectly polished nails are a must, so read on for a couple of London based nail salon suggestions…

The salon experience:

Rush, PiccadillyWhether you are going for a mani at your local, or you opt for a luxury salon experience, getting your nails done by a professional can take the pain out of the process (if you are happy to pay out for it). Rush in Piccadilly, London, offer a first class manicure and pedicure in what can only be called ‘splendid’ surroundings. The combination of chandeliers, huge ornate gold mirrors, leather chairs and shiny surfaces, make Rush a great place for a luxury experience. Got a wedding to go to? Birthday? Or maybe you just want to have a mani or pedi with friends before going out for drinks, Rush will be worth the £75. If, Rush is a little too ‘bouji’ for your blood, then head done to Covent Garden for Karine Jackson. You will get a foot massage with your mani and pedi, which I assure you will leave you feeling completely relaxed and serene. What’s more, the salon have a fabulous range of Essie nail polish colours to choose from. Karine Jackson’s salon is super chilled and is the perfect way to end a day of shopping – a first choice for an affordable but high quality treatment. What’s more, if you have mobility issues, Karine has a wheelchair friendly salon with a fitted chair lift. All this for under £60, Not bad. Of course, if you really want to save money, try a local salon or check out our upcoming post on how to get perfect nails at home.

Karine Jackson salon

Rush, Piccadilly: 020 3642 9216
Karine Jackson, Covent Garden: 020 7836 0300

Want perfect nails at home? Check out our upcoming post…