Fat Attack!

Is anyone piling on the pounds!??! I am.  And it seems that everyone I talk to is either on a diet or complaining about weight gain – ladies, I am not judging you I am just feeling your pain.

So, it was a relief when I received some rice cakes in the post today and they actually tasted pretty good. They are the Kallo’s new pastel coloured sweet blueberry and vanilla and caramel rice cakes. The caramel ones are far too sweet for me but the blueberry ones are gorg! Only problem, I ate the whole packet in one go…I might have missed the point.

Whatever! What is a ‘good diet’ anyway? I have my five (or so) a day. I take vitamins and I drink lots of water (well, coffee really but it’s all liquid right?).

Diet spelled out with vegetables on chopping board

I think the truth is, that when it comes to being a healthy weight, it is a balancing act between food quality AND quantity. There is no point going for the healthy option and eating three bowls full, if you want to go down a dress size. So begins my new way of eating…small amounts, little and often with lots of fruit, veg and water – I will let you know how I get on, what works and what doesn’t.

I also just read an article about the fact that due to a number of physical and social variables, on average, women tend to have a harder time losing weight than their male counterparts do.

I knew it!!!

Here’s what they say: http://dailyhealthpost.com/why-women-lose-weight-more-slowly-than-men/#ixzz2QisqOaEv

Before I forget, I have also joined the gym – it is blooming hard work. That is all.

Anyone else on a weight loss or healthy eating plan?