Anthologist is an all-day and evening venue for those wanting anything from a breakfast from the Deli, lunch, drinks, dinner or a private party setting. Their seasonal menu is known for providing a quirky twist on well known dishes with ‘quality, local ingredients, a unique ‘skinny’ cocktail and impressive wine list to match.’ StyleAble went along to try them out…

My salmon main course, delicious!Food: 8/10

Anthologist is one of those rare places where something as mundane as fish and chips is made fabulous by both the excellent choice of ingredients and the quirky presentation – wooden and slate platters are used instead of plates. There is a good variety of interesting dishes as well as some staples on the Anthologist menu, the price is also very reasonable and won’t max out your card. This is the most modern of gastro pubs with a cocktail menu that is well known for being ‘very good indeed’. The visible open plan kitchen is also a very nice touch. A meal here (including dessert) can come in at around £20-£30.

Ambiance and décor: 9/10

Anthologist can get pretty busy, yet despite the crowds, the beauty of the décor can be seen through the din.  On entering, you will be confronted by a huge and impressive bar and seating area – the tables are at a higher than average level, handy for standing around with friends or colleagues over a drink. The Anthologist is obviously a favourite for local workers and you can see why, as from the restaurant to the bathrooms and even down to the light bulbs, a huge amount of time and planning has gone into making the space appealing.  The style is quite eclectic, pots of fresh herbs on the restaurant tables, a chef’s table that sits in a lilac-wallpapered alcove, a ledge along the windows with two cozy armchairs (great for an intimate meal) – are all features that add to the fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Daniel, our wonderful waiter at AnthologistService: 10/10

Meet Daniel, our waiter extraordinaire! Not only is he a Sommelier (an expert in wine and spirits) he was also chatty, personable and attentive . Just the kind of waiter you need in a busy restaurant.

Accessibility: 7/10

The restaurant part of the venue is not as busy as the bar area, which is no surprise, as this is the ideal place for after work drinks. The dim lighting which is great for setting an intimate mood, is not so great for reading the menu! The vibe at the Anthologist makes it a great place for a big group of friends, however despite the size of the venue it can become a tad overcrowded. You may have to muscle your way through to find a space for a quick drink at the bar, but the eating area is much more accessible. Toilets are large, stylish and clean however there are stairs and a long walk to get to them.


A few minutes walk from Bank and Moorgate stations.

*Overall a very good choice for an evening out: 34/40


58 Gresham Street

Tel: 0845 468 0101