Miracle Oil

Having afro hair is a glorious thing! But it is not easy – especially if you want it to be healthy and happy.  This is probably why I am such a hair product fiend, anything that can sort out my unruly curls and tame my mane, whilst keeping my hair healthy scores very highly in my book… and I am constantly on the look out. To reduce breakage I never allow my afro hair to dry out…so can you imagine my excitement when I heard about a miracle oil?


The bottle for this product is pretty small, so it is no surprise that the text on the bottle is too. The bold white text against the green background is not great to read, but much better than the black (which is pretty bad). The lid is easy to remove and quite large for a small bottle, the ridges allow for great grip, which is essential for such an oily product. The size, shape and colour of this bottle means that it will be easily distinguishable between your other hair products (looks like a small medicine bottle). This product is small enough to throw in your bag, but I can’t imagine why you would need to take this out of your home, best used sparsely.

Points out of 10: 7


I am not a fan of glass bottles, especially when they contain oil! It would take a lot to smash this little bottle, yet it would have been much more user friendly in some other less breakable material.  The product itself is great and you only need a small amount to get your hair looking smooth.  Apply once or twice a week when styling afro hair – great for dry scalp too.

Points out of 10: 6

Ease of application

A plastic cap placed inside the nozzle allows the product to come out in drips. As you don’t need a lot of this product, it is a pretty good way of moderating the flow. For those with complete sight loss, it may be hard to tell how many drops are coming out of the nozzle onto your hand; I would suggest giving it two or three hard shakes to get the amount that you want.

Points out of 10: 7


Great for those who are rocking an afro, or have afro hair that has been chemically processed – small bottle, mighty product.

Points out of 10: 9

Total: 29/40

Miracle Oil is available from Aldi, £3.99.