Woman looking downwards displaying her lashes

Thicker lashes

Treatment done at the Karen Betts Professional studio

By Leslie Cousins

‘Blink + Go, a 20 minute treatment for longer, thicker and fuller lashes. Lasting up to two weeks before having them professionally removed.’ I’ve never really had anything done with my eyelashes in the past, other than applying a bit of mascara. So, the thought of having an eyelash extension was pretty scary but very exciting! I contacted Karen Betts Professional to book my eyelash treatment.

Being visually impaired, I found it really difficult to find Karen Betts’ studio. Getting off from Oxford Circus station going towards Harley Street was pretty tricky for me, because I was not familiar with the area. Also, finding the building was not easy, as the building number was not big enough for me to see. I asked a member of the team if they could come and meet me at the station, however I was told that noone was available. They said that assistance would be available from the reception area – hmmm, not ideal. Despite the difficulty of finding the venue, once I actually arrived the customer service was fantastic and the treatment was excellent!

Points out of 10: 5

Although I was worried that the lashes might come off whilst washing my face, I was pleasantly surprised that none actually fell off – which makes this a great treatment in my book!

Points out of 10: 8

Ease of application:
I would say that the application was easy for me – since it was the professional who applied the extensions! However, I have to deduct points because I will need to go back for the extensions to be removed.

Points out of 10: 8


To be honest, before the procedure I was a little bit sceptical about whether to go ahead with it or not. But Jane, the technician who was doing my lash treatment was very friendly and she explained the step by step process to me perfectly. The quality of the treatment is fantastic although it gives me a little discomfort when I wash and cleanse my face. To sum it all up, the Blink + Go treatment is great! My lashes look fabulous, pretty much as if they’re mine. It feels strange and uncomfortable at first but after a day or two, I tend to forget that I have extensions on. Nice one!

Points out of 10: 9

Total: 30/40