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Eternal Skincare – Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser

By Leslie Cousins


This amazing face and body moisturiser comes in a pot container which could make it easier for someone who is blind or partially sighted to access the product, it is also both wide and tall so scooping the product is not a problem.  The fact that it is a pot container also makes  it easier to know whether the product is finished or not. The lid is simple and easy to operate.

Points out of 10: 9


The small pot is really handy and easy to carry around in your bag, whilst the large pot is very sturdy and unlikely to break if dropped on the floor. Win win!

Points out of 10: 8

Ease of application

This product is very easy to apply and it doesn’t take much of it to make the skin nice and smooth.

Pints out of 10: 8


This product contains a high concentration of organic Aloe leaf juice which leaves the skin soft and moisturised. This is a great product for hands and body, however it didn’t really do much when I applied it to my face – which was still quite dry afterwards. Overall, this is a very good product.

Points out of 10: 8

Total: 33/40