Cassis and Cranberry Shower Shot packet containing purple coloured shower gel.

Original Source


Original Source Gourmet range – Cassis and Cranberry Shower Shot

Wikipedia defines shower gel as being ‘the general term for a substance similar to liquid soap, which is used for cleaning any part of the body during a shower’.  This may be true, but when it comes to shower gel, today’s average consumer will often have a wish list which goes far beyond simply a liquid soap.

Original Source describes its Cassis and Cranberry Shower Shot as: ‘…bursting with berry power to give your shower a blast of fruity goodness. ..with 43 real Ribes Nigrum – or blackcurrants to the average person – each one packed with more vitamin C than you can shake a stick at.’

…Sounds impressive, but how will it fare with the StyleAble team?  We took this little packet through its paces testing on accessibility, durability and ease of application. Here is what we found…

Accessibility (packaging):  The squashy packaging of this shower gel is not just fun, it could actually make it easier for someone who is blind or partially sighted to know whether the product is finished or not, as all remnants can be squeezed out through the large nozzle.  Unfortunately, the nozzle’s flip top lid does not have any grip to it, other than a slight dent; making it harder to open with wet hands. The bold lettering on the front of the package is a real plus point.

Points out of 10: 7

Durability: Although squishy and soft, this shower gel packet will not tear and is more likely to bounce than break if dropped on the ground or in the tub! There is nothing on the packaging to snap, crack or smash making it really rather durable indeed!

Points out of 10: 8

Ease of application: Not too thick and not too liquidly!  This shower gel does not run easily off of your hands and does not take an eternity to get it out of the container either.  Most importantly you do not need a lot of product to wash your whole body.

Points out of 10: 9

Quality: This shower gel is delicious to the point of being (almost) edible! The only thing lacking is the ability to hook it to anything, which is unfortunate as once the packet becomes less and less full it can be difficult to get the packet to stand up properly. Saying this, the pliable packaging is oh so easy to stow away, especially if you have limited cupboard space.

Points out of 10: 8


Total: 32/40