Sight Village – Birmingham

As is often the case with events held in conference centers, my first thoughts when asked to go along to Sight Village were ‘not if I can help it.’  Yet despite my initial reluctance I went along to do my bit and help out on the Action for Blind People stand.

The best thing about Sight Village is that it does the work for you – A host of organisations, new technologies and blind and partially sighted people all in the same place and all there to interact with each other.

The only drawback for me was that I was on duty and although I love to tell anyone who will listen about Action for blind People’s fantastic services, it meant that I could not wax lyrical about the newly launched StyleAble….or could I?

Whilst manning the Action stand, clad in the most becoming of fuchsia branded t shirts, I was approached by a very stylish woman in her 50’s who asked: “Are you the people who give make up advice for blind women?”

Never one to let an opportunity pass her by, I proceeded to tell stylish woman about Beauty Sense, Actions online resource which gives tips and tricks on make up application for blind and partially sighted women. “What about fashion advice?” she said.

Well now, I was there to help out wasn’t I?  And what were all those many months of practicing my StyleAble elevator speech for, if not for one such an opportunity as this?

Cue speech:

“StyleAble is the essential resource for blind and partially sighted women and girls, who want to have fun with their image, create their own style and feel confident about the way they look. Offering trend information, news, advice and much more, StyleAble provides a fun and interactive platform for fashion and beauty related discussion, specifically for blind and partially sighted women and girls.”

…Well, that is what I should have said…What I actually did was to scribble down the web address and tell her to visit the site.  “Right…will do.” She said.

I think I need a bit more practice.

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