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Welcome to the www.styleable.co.uk website. Please read these Terms and Conditions before using or submitting content in any form or medium for publication on www.styleable.co.uk (the “Site”). By continuing to use the Site or by submitting content for publication on the Site, you are entering into an agreement with StyleAble and agree to abide by and shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions. StyleAble reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and you agree (including by virtue of your continued use of the Site) to be bound by any such changes. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features or functionality (including, without limitation, video and related projects) that augment or enhance the Site shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. The most current version of these Terms and Conditions can be viewed at any time at: www.styleable.co.uk.

If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not submit your posts. You can terminate this agreement at anytime by not submitting posts to StyleAble and StyleAble can terminate this agreement at anytime by notice to your email address or on styleable.co.uk. Notwithstanding termination, points 1, 3, 5, 6 and 9 below shall continue to apply. If you are under the age of 18, please contact us before using the Site or submitting any content as separate terms may apply.

How it works

1. You are independent. You are an independent contractor, not an employee of StyleAble. You will not be paid by StyleAble for any of your content or receive any employee benefits or treatment, including without limitation holidays, health insurance, tax withholding or pensions. You must pay for your own computer, Internet access, third-party clearances and licenses and everything else you need to create and submit your blog posts to us. You cannot hold yourself out as our agent or representative or attempt to bind us to any obligations.

2. Post if and when you want. As an independent contractor, you can stop posting at any time. If you decide to post, you decide when, where and how often you write and submit your content. You can write for anyone else you want at any time. You can write about anything you want; StyleAble does not select or approve your topics.

3. Submit proper work. You represent and warrant to us that any posts, photos, videos, audio material and any other content you submit (1) is your original work, (2) does not infringe or violate any law, rule or regulation or the rights or intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trade marks, design rights, data base rights, whether registered or unregistered, or any similar rights recognized anywhere in the world) of any person (or encourage anyone else to do so), (3) is not objectionable, inaccurate or inflammatory, (4) is not obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive (6) is not an advertisement or solicitation of business or contributions; (7) complies with all applicable law and policy in the territory of publication, including without limitation the Bribery Act 2010 for UK publications. We have the right (but not the obligation) to remove any or all of your blog posts that fail to comply with the foregoing, or for any other reason, without notice to you. Correct your errors. If your post contains a factual error, you must correct or retract it within 24 hours after notice. If you make a substantive change (including error corrections) after your blog post has been published, you must note this at the bottom of your post. This includes matters of fact, but not changes to spelling, grammar or style or minor editorial corrections. However, in the interest of transparency, you should note to readers that an earlier version of the post contained an error that was since corrected. Note: if a correction/retraction is due to a legal complaint of defamation, then the correction/retraction must be posted in as prominent a location as the defamatory content.

4. No guarantees. StyleAble provides a forum for your ideas and expression, but is made available to you “as is” without guarantee of any results based upon the publication of your blog, is subject to changes and could temporarily or permanently be suspended without notice to you, and without guarantee that it will operate free of errors, viruses, bugs or service breakdowns and do not guarantee any results based upon the publication of your blog.

5. You own your submissions, but we can still use them. You own the copyright in your submitted content and you can post it anywhere else you wish. However, by submitting any content to StyleAble (including text, videos, photographs or audio materials), you grant StyleAble a worldwide, royalty-free licence for the full period of copyright (as defined by English law) to exercise all rights under copyright with respect to such content, which StyleAble may use and exploit (along with your name and identifying features) on its websites and other properties and those of ours and their affiliates and business partners, as well as for marketing and promotional purposes. You hereby waive all moral rights in the content you submit and/or agree never to assert them.

6. We may have to tell others about you. You agree that if StyleAble are legally required to disclose information that we have about you (including your IP address and location, name and user name), we may do so, without notice to you.

7. Third Party Rights. You agree that this agreement is not intended to confer and does not confer any rights or remedies upon any person other than the parties to this agreement, whether under the Contracts (Rights Of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

8. Complaints and Inquires. If you violate any of the foregoing rules, or we receive an inquiry or complaint about your post, you agree to be fully responsible and indemnify and hold harmless StyleAble for all resulting claims and liabilities in connection with your post(s).

9. Governing Law This agreement and all non-contractual obligations are governed by the laws of England and Wales. You and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales in relation to any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement and/or the Site.

10. Entire Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, StyleAble’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between you and StyleAble relating to the Site and your submissions to the Site. Note that separate terms and conditions may govern your use of other services we provide from time to time and you should always check the terms and conditions governing those sites and services before using them.

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