Beg, borrow or steal…

Beg, borrow, steal   …Or maybe just hire? Let’s face it, not many of us can afford to buy a..

It’s a tough job…

What a day, who would have thought that testing make-up and beauty products would be such hard work. Ok, ok..

Candle for Sight

French natural beauty brand L’Occitane have launched a ‘Candle for Sight’ to support RNIB’s trainee Grade Scheme. The exclusive, honey..

Keeping it real

Solange Knowles, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are all fans of the natural look. Even Holly..

Easy as 1,2,3 (4 and 5)

Five steps to lovely looking skin By Georgia Collins   With the constantly changing weather, it’s hard to keep your..

All about the eyes…

If your sight can be improved with glasses or contact lenses, the question of whether to wear them can depend..

Looky here…

You know  when you come across a product that does it all and you wonder why all products aren’t like..

Ballgowns at the V&A

Ballgowns at the V&A By Steph Cutler When I heard about Ballgowns, an exhibition of ‘British glamour since 1950’ currently..