…Moinhos Velhos

Every so often it’s important to do something different, to take yourself outside of your comfort zone and push your boundaries, learn something new and to hopefully become a better person for it.

This is not to say that this kind of thing should be done on a whim, preparation is key, especially if you are deciding to take a little adventure abroad…there are the travel arrangements, the accommodation, what to pack and how much money to bring? Then there is the inevitable research needed on accessibility and support, right from the moment you leave the airport to the time that you return home – although, get it right and you could end up having the time of your life.

Moinhos Velhos is a fasting and detoxification retreat in the hills above Lagos in Portugal. Getting back to nature is the name of the game and there really is something about Moinhos Velhos that takes Londoners like me by surprise…the silence.   In fact, what this place lacks in amenities, you could say it makes up for in blissful serenity, beautiful scenery and a distinct lack of traffic pollution. There are acres of beautiful gardens, organic orchards and unspoiled countryside in which to walk around so although you won’t have a TV in your room, you probably won’t want one.

Moinhos Velhos have their own water source / filtration system and only  give their guests juices made from the fruits and vegetables that they grow on their land, over time you may begin to feel like you are becoming one with your environment, which I suppose is the point…READ MORE

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