Woman with flowers on Tower Bridge

Yes, that IS Tower Bridge and no, none of my suggestions include taking pictures of sparse looking flowers during rush hour with an oversized camera – that’s what NOT to do…ever.

Before I begin, it is important to stress that a Sunday spent in London Bridge (much like a Sunday spent in Canary Wharf) is a very different experience to what you would experience if visiting during the week, or even on a Saturday. In my previous post I talked about my #selfcare Sunday spent at the London Bridge branch of Ask Italian (yummy). One of the most startling things about that day was the distinct lack of people / tourists / workers / traffic – despite the sheer number of London Bridge Hotels in the area.

The view from London Bridge

To be fair, I shouldn’t have been surprised at the lack of London local workers, who the hell wants to visit somewhere they are forced to go to during the week? Now for the rest of us, London Bridge on a Sunday is a win: a seat is always available on your choice of public transport, there is space to move around freely without tripping over a commuter, you can walk at any pace you like without angry stares or comments and the best bit: No queuing for a seat at your favourite restaurant. A splendid option for a Sunday dedicated to rest, rejuvenation and good food, don’t you think?

Hays Galleria, London Bridge

So what do you do in London Bridge on a Sunday?

I chose London Bridge because it was super easy to get to, trains, buses even boats can get you to London Bridge – it is just one of those places that all Londoners need easy access to. My day was a balance of work (welcome drinks with my new Editorial Assistant) and rest/play (I wanted cocktails…BADLY). Here is how the day went just in case you feel the impulse to visit London Bridge on a Sunday. You won’t be disappointed…

Cocktails at The Shard:

View From The Shard tickets start at £25. That’s £25, JUST FOR THE VIEW. I decided to start my Sunday at Aqua Bar at the Shard instead, it’s on the 31st floor. We had Bellini’s and enjoyed the most amazing view from the comfort of our seats (which were right by the window). The entire experience cost us under £30. Do the math peeps, do the math.

Sightseeing the Brutalist Architecture:

Hun, if you like flowers and fields, trees and birds, don’t come sightseeing in London Bridge, K? I am a fan of Brutalism so I had my fill of the architecture around London Bridge. I love to look at it but I would hate to live or work in it…go figure.

Lunch at Ask Italian:

Check out my post on lunch at Ask Italian, it was the perfect choice for Sunday comfort food.

Coffee at Caffe Kimbo

I drink coffee like other people drink Evian – yeah i’m wired all the time, what’s your point? If coffee and cannolis are your thing – they should be – then a visit to Caffe Kimbo is a MUST. My god the Cannolis, the crispy, flaky, chocolatey cannolis…the coffee was good too.

Cannolis at Caffe Kimbo

Retail Therapy at Accessorize

For some people buying stuff is very much part of practising #selfcare. Disclaimer: I am one of those people. If you want to buy yourself something but not break the bank, opt for an accessory – a hat or a scarf can be just as much as a treat as a pair of shoes or a new outfit. My scarf and hat came in at under £30 and on a cold day it was absolutely worth every penny.

A ride home on the Clipper:

At the end of a long day it was good to finish things off with a boat ride home. I cannot believe I had not done this before. No need to go all the way back to the station, just get the Clipper from the Bridge ya’ll. There was so much space and the view was just epic. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

View from the Clipper at London Bridge

*The spending money was gifted by Hotels.com, but all views are my own.