‘The country may be crumbling around us, but it’s important to find joy where you can.’ Me.

This is predominately a style website. I write for other platforms on anything from politics to food, so I am going to keep this is in the realms of style and beauty because that’s what you came here for, right? That said, this country is a shit show at the moment and I am scared AF. As the prospect of us crashing out without a deal becomes more of a possibility, I feel the need to write about how important it is for us to focus on maintaining / achieving good mental health and well being – selfcare is key. This is a bit of a contradiction seeing as my last post was all about the dangers of overindulgence under the guise of selfcare, but in my defense I am just trying to save you some coin sis. K? Stick with me.

Gold tinted spectacles

If you had anything in reserve – that gold top, the gold sequin jacket you only wear out on special occasions, that new golden highlighter that is way too bright for the day time. Now is the time to put it on – whether you are off to Asda or to the office, it’s time.

Sounds silly? Of course it does.

Especially when we should all be stampeding parliament and dragging Boris out for a darn good flogging – but I don’t think this is an either or situation. In fact, if you are planning on getting out of that apathetic stupor you have resigned yourself to (in an effort to block out the horror), do it – but don’t forget to get your armour on first. What I mean is, I am currently indulging almost every (affordable) whim I can – I am metaphorically and physically attempting to live a golden life – in the face of a political landscape which is just. so. grey. It hasn’t solved anything other than to create a layer of padding between myself and the scary world.

Don’t @ me

I’m not ignoring things, I’m getting involved – but not without a little self love to help get me through. I was in the process of writing this post when I got an email from a PR for PAYOT. PAYOT are a French brand (noone can do luxury like the French), they have launched a gold elixir body scrub. It’s pretty much as close as you are going to get to washing your body with actual GOLD….other than washing your body with actual gold.

I mean, just look…

All I can tell you is that this scrub goes on really well and leaves your skin soft – but then so do most other scrubs. What’s really special about this product is that it is unashamedly luxe and indulgent, it’s golden. It is what bubble baths with champagne are made for, 3 hr manicures and face masks, gourmet chocolates and cocktails on a wednesday…you know, just because. For this reason I have added it to my amoury and will be using it everyday – deal or no deal.

PAYOT Gold Elixir Scrub contains jojoba oil, £27.00.