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Welcome to a brand new series on the StyleAble website:

Vegan Home

We will be profiling products and brands that offer a little bit more. We all know what veganism means, but when it comes to consuming animal products we can forget that it applies to our entire lives – from diet and clothing to what we buy for our homes. It’s not easy to have a vegan home, especially when you consider the amount of animal products that can be found around the average house  – leather, silk, wool and yes even your candles.  That’s why we will be showcasing cruelty free brands and products that we hope will act as a guide for you.

Check out the first of our featured brands: Square Flower:

What: Square Flower  is a 100% organic, vegan and Fairtrade bedding company. In addition to being ethically sourced, Square Flower’s cotton products are guaranteed to be soft.  Their colour palette is simple (white, blush, navy, raw – undyed, light grey, taupe grey) as are their designs. Despite the simplicity, much thought has been put into the products with the addition of design extras such as the flap on the pillowcase, which is large enough to allow the pillow to sit nicely inside it.

Why: Founder Ben Franklin went looking for bed sheets that looked great, felt great and were built to last. He couldn’t fathom the lack of answers to his most important questions. Who made them? Were they treated and compensated fairly? Where did the cotton come from? Was it tainted with nasty chemicals? Initially driven by a desire for great design and high quality, he suddenly found himself exposed to an industry full of human cost and environmental tragedy. Frustrated yet determined, he decided it was time to do things differently.

How: They have taken control of sourcing the cotton and building their own Fairtrade certified supply chain, removing all the middlemen, and dealing with the actual farms.  They found an organic cotton collective in India called Chetna Organic which works with thousands of family plots of just a few acres each. From this process, they are able to produce incredibly high quality organic cotton.

Price: Prices start at £110 for a duvet set.