Woman sleeps

Kiesha MeikleOne in three suffer from bad sleep – That’s a hell of a lot of people.

Our modern lives are hectic, consisting of unrealistic schedules and ever more demanding work commitments. This means our sleeping habits are often left to the bottom of our priorities.  Research from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggests that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on emotion and loss of sleep could be costing the UK £40bn a year. But if the well reported link with weight gain, heart disease and depression hasn’t stopped us, what will?

Oh, I include myself in all this.

In an attempt to be more productive I have been trying to get up at 5.30am. I heard somewhere that all the successful CEOs are doing it. Let’s just say, I have been struggling – especially having a new baby and a toddler. What’s key? Getting to bed early and having uninterrupted, quality sleep…but this is RARE in my household.

My take away is that I am no use to anyone if I don’t get enough sleep. Prioritising sleep is something I have chosen over being the super productive person I could be if I had more time in the day. Sleep first – productivity second.


Pillow Talk:

The answer to getting more quality sleep is different for everyone, but one of the most obvious places to start would be where and how you rest your head. According to some, buying the right cushioning for your upper body and positioning it correctly is one of the most important parts of sleeping success. With this in mind, we have a few pillows that might help us all get some quality ZZZzzz time:

Otty Deluxe Pillow: These pillows use a unique thermostatic Cool Blue Gel-infused memory foam. The pillow moulds actively to your head and shoulders, and allows you to wake up feeling ‘cool, calm and comfortable’. They are also completely vegan friendly and chemical free – guilt free sleep for the win! Price, £54.99.

Soundasleep: Music from your pillow?! Goals hun, goals. The Soundasleep is a techy’s dream and comes with an app to control your pillow from the comfort of your bed. You can relax listening to music, monitor and manage your snoring, analyse your sleep or use the smart alarm to wake yourself up. Price, £50.

Soundasleep pillow

Nanu: The ultimate in customisation, Nanu take information from you on how you sleep, your height and weight  and how firm you like your pillow. They feed this information into a ‘pillow builder’ and design a tailor-made pillow just for you. Their products are guaranteed for 2 years and returns are free. Price, Starts at £38.

Kallysleep: The Kally pillow has been created by industry-leading experts, including Harley Street doctors and osteopaths, and manufactured using ‘the highest quality components in the UK’.   The pillow adapts to your body shape giving you extra support. It is multifunctional, providing protection for posture during reading or working in bed, during pregnancy and post-recovery after surgery or injury. It was created for a more comfortable and deeper sleep. Price, £49.99.

Kallysleep pillow

Silentnight anti snore pillowThis pillow was designed to help reduce snoring. Silentnight don’t claim to cure your snoring completely, but the pillow can help to ‘reduce snoring, or your levels of snoring’. The pillow has been tested by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, who found the pillow reduced snoring frequency and volume by approximately 50%. Within the centre of the pillow is an ergonomically shaped foam core which has been designed to support your head and neck, keeping it at just the right position to improve your breathing. Price, £15.

Winner badgeFogarty scented pillow: You can drift off in a waft of  subtle yet soothing lavender fragrance for just £5. This has to be the best value pillow we have come across and lavender is known to soothe and promote healthy sleeping so, yeah…£5!

*Best value for those on a budget.