Celery juice

To juice or not to juice (celery)?

It’s a question that has been popping up across almost every media feed for the last week or so.

To be clear, I knew nothing about the celery juice debate before I saw a post from an influencer I follow on Instagram. Her name is  Joanne RH:


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taking time out to reflect on things sometimes is absolutely necessary…

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I still know pretty much nothing about celery juice and it’s benefits, but Joanne does.

I don’t often promote other blogs, but I feel that with all the hype – both positive and negative – around celery juice, it would be beneficial to hear from someone who appears to know her stuff through ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. The media are a biased bunch and will pluck ‘research’ from wherever they can to support a sensational headline. Joanne is doing the research for herself. Here is what she says:

Is celery juice really that good for you or is it all just a fad like the media are saying?

I don’t know for sure.

Joanne is clearly an advocate for drinking celery juice as part of her vegan diet to treat her eczema and to also stay healthy. I have seen posts on how she has successfully been treating her eczema, to the point where it has pretty much disappeared. Joanne is tracking her progress with celery juice on her Instagram page, so if you are interested in the celery juice debate, go follow her to see how she is getting on.