Zara faux fur coat

Grazia article pageThat’s Victoria Beckham…but you knew that. After all, she is famous for lots of things. One thing in particular is that she is a brand. She went from Posh Spice to VB and she is NEVER going back. I respect her for it. She knows what works for her – strong eyebrows, set mouth and dark glasses – and she sticks to it.

The benefit of knowing what your personal style is and sticking to it, is that you very rarely make any style mistakes. (Mistakes that you later regret when perusing your photo library or worst still, someone else’s Instagram page – why don’t people ask permission when posting pictures of you on social media? Seriously).

This is a mistake I have made over and over again and has cost me a lot of money. The problem is when a new trend comes out I get sucked in. Like the time I bought that teddy bear coat that made me look like an actual bear – like an ‘i’m about to eat you’ type of bear – not cute. Then there was that cropped fur coat that made my already larger top half look even more so, think fur on stilts. This is not about sticking to a set of rules that someone else has dictated, this is about acknowledging what you like so that you are not disappointed later.

Strangely, I make most of my style mistakes when dressing for big events – sods law I suppose. I also make the worst style purchases with bigger, longer term items like coats and jackets (see reference to sods law).

Given the above, you would be forgiven for thinking that I am not the best person to get style advice from, but I do have some suggestions on how to avoid making the mistakes I have so often made.

Here’s how to choose outerwear and not regret it:

River Island Teddy coat1. Teddy Coats
Remember when I mentioned that teddy bear coat? Well, it looks great on so many people and I think it comes down to the size and colour you choose – and of course, how you wear it. This one from River Island has a very defined shape because of the larger than life collars – giving the impression of a more fitted design rather than just a huge expanse of coat – an instant waist creator for those who need one. These coats come in multiple colours, so you aren’t restricted to black and camel and no, it’s not too late to invest in one as it is FREEZING out there. If you have ever wanted a huggable coat but always felt that it made you look like a walking duvet, this may be the answer.

2. Checked Blazer
What, you don’t have a checked blazer yet? They are everywhere and are great for wearing under your coat or dressing up for an evening out or formal event. If you are worried about a checked blazer looking too boxy, go for something that is more tailored and nips in at the waist…also, watch out for shoulder pads! My personal opinion is that blazers look best when dressed down with jeans, but do you boo.

Crew clothing blazer

3. Parka
Plenty of padding, a chunky hood and cuffed sleeves to block out the Baltic weather of the UK; meet the Parka . These pretty much never go out of fashion, just because they are so practical. Parkas are not easy to glam up so beware if you are hoping to go from day to evening in this one. Go for a fun colour if you want to go ‘out out’ with your parka.

Crew clothing parka

3. Gilets
Quilted lightweight jackets are so handy when travelling, especially if you are going from cold to warm on your journey.  You can layer up a gilet which means you can strip it off if you need to as well. If you are impatiently trying to wear your next season coat but its just too cold, pop a gilet underneath.

4. Faux Fur Coats
Let’s be real, everyone wants to be that person. You know, the one who can pull off a faux fur coat with a t-shirt and jeans and then rock the night away in a glittery dress with the same faux fur slung over their shoulder ‘a la Kate Moss’. Well, I for one have bought many faux fur coats online, only to return them to the shop they were purchased from. The problem is faux fur can be quite the statement, so if you plan on your faux fur coat being your main coat, it may not be ideal when standing in the queue of your local Asda. If you are opting for fake faux and are new to the game, go for a cropped jacket rather than a longer style – you can add the wow factor by going for a colour rather than the standard neutral tones.

Zara faux fur coat

Hope this helps!