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Blow up flamingo in poolNow that you have gorged yourself on turkey and digested all of that Christmas cake, have you started to think about 2019?

I’m sorry to break you out of your festive stupor but the New Year looms and with it, all of those plans that you promised you would commit to…including travelling more, right? If like everyone else you spent too much money on Christmas jumpers – any amount is too much – you will probably benefit from a package holiday that won’t leave you with completely empty pockets. If you think you are too posh for a package holiday then read on anyway, they’re not all Benidorm bound, trust me.

Saving pounds with a package holiday:

A package holiday usually consists of a flight and a week/fortnight’s accommodation in a hotel that usually boasts a good choice of restaurants, clubs for kids, sports facilities and swimming pools. These types of  package holidays are popular with travelers because they can be extremely cost effective. Tour operators are able to keep seats on aircrafts and hotel rooms at maximum occupancy which mean costs per-head stay at a minimum – saving you money in the process. Even more appealing is the piece of mind you get from booking meals and activities as part of the total price of your holiday, that way you know you won’t go over budget or run out of money. Depending on what you want, a package holiday can vary in price and meaning. Your ammenities and accomodation can push the price up but you will often have the option to customise your holiday based on meals, snacks, activities, entertainment and drinks, as well as other activities like spa treatments, excursions and sports.

All inclusive 

Got kids? Don’t want to have to worry about the extras or finding snacks in-between meals? All inclusive holiday options mean that all of your meals, snacks and drinks are included.  This type of package holiday is great for families with young children, as you don’t have to worry about extra costs that kids often incur. It’s not just the food, if the kids want to try jet skiing you may even find that activities such as water sports are included too.  All inclusive offers are easy to find online due to their popularity.

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Full board

Full board means that breakfast, lunch and evening meals are included in the price of your trip. Any drinks or snacks outside of these meal times cost extra, but if you are intending on venturing out you will probably find tasty options whilst on your travels anyway. This type of holiday package is best for travelers who want to split their time between the hotel and excursions.

Half board

If you plan to spend most of your time exploring and very little time at your hotel,  half board may be the best option for you. Meals are often served buffet style and you will get breakfast and one other meal too – usually the evening meal. Unlike all-inclusive holidays, your drinks any food consumed outside of your pre-paid meal will not be included in the price. Generally speaking, meal times are not set with half board so you will have the freedom to eat when you want and come and go as you please.

Buffet breakfast

Bed and breakfast package holidays

Bed and breakfast is just that…bed and breakfast. If you are on a budget and happy to buy cheaper meals whilst out, this could be a great option. Stuff yourself for the day with a buffet breakfast and then buy food from the local supermarket, market stalls or cheap eateries.

Self catering package holidays

Although not the easiest option, if you want more of a home-from-home experience, a self catering package holiday gives you freedom to what you went when you want. You will get kitchen facilities and a microwave if you can’t be asked to cook a three course meal. Your flight will also be included in the price.

Ready to book? Which option will you be choosing for your next holiday?