Mother and baby

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Motherhood has been the most rewarding job of my life. It can also get tough sometimes (right now my daughter is crying because I won’t let her drink hot chocolate with a fork).

With this in mind, we are launching a new series of posts called  ‘How to…with a baby’. We will be trying things out – from day trips to mundane activities – all with baby (mine) in tow. We will see just how hard or easy it is to get things done with a baby / toddler. Hopefully we will have lots of advice for you and will encourage you to get out the house or maybe warn you that’s it better to stay home!

How to spa with a baby…

Peak Health Spa, Jumeirah Carlton

In recognition of National Spa Week, we took a trip to Peak Health Spa at Jumeirah Carlton Hotel, Kinghtsbridge. For most of us, visiting a spa is not something we get to do often, even less so if you have a new baby. That said, it can be the perfect gift for someone who has just gone through 9 months of pregnancy. We visited the spa to find out just how hard it can be – we are talking treatments, afternoon tea the lot! – to pamper yourself whilst holding a baby. Stay posted for our upcoming review to find out how we got on.

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