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He proposed! Ah, hun. Congrats…By Kiesha Meikle

Have you got your Pinterest page up to date? Have you changed your FB status? Posted to Instagram?…Good, good.

Now comes one of the biggest challenges you will have to deal with when it comes to wedding planning – getting him (or her) to choose the right ring. Remember when that woman shared a picture of the diamond ring she got with the caption: ‘Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given‘ – accompanied by five crying emojis?  Well, whether you agree with her or not, there is a lesson to be learned here. This is a ring you will (hopefully) be wearing for life, so whether you are helping your partner choose it or not, looking for the perfect wedding rings and bands is a task that takes a lot of thought.

Whether you have a titanium or platinum budget, have a look through our top tips on how to choose the perfect ring…

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Get the right size:

If your partner is planning on proposing, they are going to need to know your ring size.  If you suspect something – let’s be real, we usually know when someone is going to pop the question – make it easy on them and leave out a ring that fits your wedding finger perfectly. They can take your ring to the jewellers as a guide. If you are planning the ring together, you can also find out your ring size at home. All you need is a string and a measuring tape.

Shopping for the ring:

Listen, it’s not going to be easy. There are so many stores to choose from when it comes to shopping for wedding jewellery. The best place to start is online. Don’t just try websites, try social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram too. If there is a celeb you like, then check out their wedding band. Chances are, if you like a celeb’s style you will probably like their choice of wedding jewellery too. The best part about browsing online is that you can do it incognito, just clear your browsing history before you log off!

Select the Right Material

If you know your partner doesn’t have the cash for that princess cut Tiffany ring, then you might have to reign in your expectations a little. Platinum, gold and diamonds are often the go-to, but don’t feel like you have to stick to the norm. Silver, titanium and zirconium are also good options if you want to get married but don’t have a huge budget. Remember, your ring can always be upgraded later. When shopping online for a ring make sure that they are only providing hallmarked wedding rings. If the ring is not hallmarked, you might be getting ripped off.

Design is key

A single diamond can be a showstopper, but then so can a beautiful band with no stones at all. It really comes down to personal style. By now, your partner probably has a good idea of what you like. That said, drop some hints by talking about your personal style with them. If you are not about the bling, let them know or you may end up with a ring that is altogether too big.

Don’t get ripped off

Shopping online can save you money. Websites often offer discounts, but if you see an offer that is unbelievably low then check the authenticity of the material they are using.   Do your research and check out reviews online. Always check the small print, if you are not happy with an online purchase you must be able to send it back. A ring is huge investment, so don’t get caught out by bogus vendors.

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