Woman in shorts and t- shirt

Woman in pinstriped trousersRemember when you were turning 20 and 30 sounded old? Then you hit 30 and 40 felt like an age away, then…well, you know the rest.
By Kiesha Meikle

My point is that age is all about perception.

The truth is that age is just a number and there is no scientific reason to believe that everyone immediately begins to look older the second they touch 40 or beyond. You could start to age physically, much faster or much slower; it depends entirely on your lifestyle choices and genetics.

So why are we all so hung up on how old people (well, just women) are?

With this in mind and in the face of all those ‘what not to do’ advice  lists, here is a guide to the advice you should IGNORE when you hit 40…

Be Careful with Makeup:


The thing about makeup is that it’s a way of expressing who you are, it can make you feel bad ass, like a diva or sexy minx, just depends on how and what you apply. Experimentation is key. Yeah sure, it can help to hide all the fine lines that might have shown up recently, but much more importantly, it can speak a thousand words without you even opening your mouth. So, if you always wanted to try black lipstick, winged liner, stiletto brows and piercings…do it in your 40’s hun.

Woman with smudged make up

Don’t Wear Too Much Black

You are NEVER too old for head to toe black because it rocks at any age. Paired with a lush lip or with fresh faced minimalism, black on black is chic AF – meaning there is absolutely no need to thin the shade out of your wardrobe.

Don’t Wear Too Much Colour

They say: It looks like you’re trying too hard to look vibrant and young, you know?
We say: Erm…you are vibrant and you are young.

Whether you are choosing an outfit or simply a fun and flirty colour for your next pedicure don’t be put off. get your sandals out and make a statement with tangerine and yellow on your toes…so this season darling.

Get an Age Appropriate Hairstyle

While hair is always important, irrespective of age, some styles are going to suit you better than others – this has everything to do with your face shape and personal style and sod all to do with your age.

Check out these sixty hairstyles for women over 40 . Now check out these hairstyles for women in their 20’s.  Ignore it all and just have what you like!

Black woman with shaved hair

Blonde is Not the Way to Go

Going blonde at 40 – whether you have Repunzel hair, a pixie crop or a shaved head – is totes appro love. What’s more, platinum is definitely your shade.

Jeans Need to be dark and Subtle

Ripped, high wasted, flared, skinny, leather, with zips, with straps, low slung, boyfriend, baggy…just wear the damn things. They are great with heals or flats and we feel should be suitable for every age and occasion…yes, even weddings and job interviews.

 Woman in cool ripped jeansBooty Shorts Need to Go

Daisy dukes need to stay!

Snake Over Leopard

Pat Butcher wore leopard print in her later years, but then so did Sophia Loren, Jackie O, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Snake print and leopard print worn at the same time? Even better.

Clavicle Over Cleavage

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress sexy anymore. When you want to spice things up a bit, go for an off-shoulder dress – looks classy. That said, a bit of cleavage never hurt anyone so get the baps out when you feel like it too.

Show Off Those Forearms and Hide Your Upper Arms.

If Michelle Obama would have taken this advice the world would be all the poorer for it. Your arms don’t have to be toned or skinny, they can be wobbly, blotchy, stained or winged. The only qualifier is that you have arms. K?

Address That Problem Area

By problem area we mean that niggling self doubt that’s stopping you from getting out there and wearing whatever you please with carefree abandon.

Micro-Mini Skirts are a No-Go

A personal fav of ours…just like the advice about not wearing leopard print. When it comes to personal style, there are so many women in their 40’s+ breaking the rules, that the rules themselves become redundant.

Our point is wear the mini skirt, wear the cleavage exposing top, wear leopard print…wear whatever you damn well please. The only thing you need to remember is to wear it all with confidence.