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Living in London can be relentless. The fast pace of life, the ‘always on’ ethos, the constant commitments and daily stresses – they’re all part of what makes living in the capital so exhilarating. By Ellie Day
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However, there’s no doubt that they can leave you feeling – and looking – slightly jaded, and nowhere is this made more evident than in your skin. That’s why I found myself, one overcast morning, at London Bridge’s The Salon, about to experience what the advertising brochure touted as “THE CELEBRITY FACIAL EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT!” – the Skinbreeze Microdermabrasion facial. Alarmingly, the brochure also featured a testimonial from Made in Chelsea original Spencer Matthews waxing lyrical about the fact that the treatment had made him look “…about 10 years younger!” Not hugely enthused about having a decade knocked off of my 27 year old face, I entered the treatment room with some trepidation, I needn’t have worried – every treatment starts with a consultation to tailor the facial to your own unique needs.
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My ‘problem areas’ were identified in no uncertain terms (wrinkles on my forehead and oily t-zone; an incongruous double-whammy). Post-skin assessment, your skin undergoes cleansing and toning – so far, so standard. But, here’s where it starts getting high-tech; the therapist applied an electrical buffer to my skin in what’s apparently known as ‘orbital microdermabrasion; intended to lessen fine lines and imperfections, it felt like my face and neck were being lightly filed down. It was an unusual and slightly uncomfortable feeling, but not painful. Red and blue LED lights were then shone onto my face to boost the collagen levels, improving elasticity, and reducing redness from the intensive exfoliation it had just been put through.

Laser treatment

In the final parts of the treatment, an O2 spray was applied, to hydrate and replenish my skin; it felt incredibly soothing and cooling. This was followed by an ‘O2 infusion’ – bursts of air driven deep into the skin to send the Skinbreeze serum into the lower layers of skin, serving to plump it up and rejuvenate skin tissue. After this unexpectedly intense experience, my therapist gave my face and neck a full massage and left me to re-enter reality slowly with a cup of herbal tea. I left The Salon feeling that my skin looked brighter and much clearer, and received comments throughout the day from friends saying that I looked noticeably “fresh-faced”.

The lines on my forehead may have been alleviated slightly in the short-term, but I don’t think there were any long-lasting effects resulting from the treatment. According to my therapist, ideally you’d have the facial every week in order to see the best results, which, for me, is a significant commitment. For deeper wrinkles and more involved skin issues, the treatment felt like a good solution, particularly ahead of any significant social plans. It quickly removes traces of any blemishes that might be lurking – and the fact that it is all-natural, allowing you to have your skin boosted without having to be injected with any nasties –  can only be a good thing. ​

SkinBreeze Facials at The Salon start from £35. More information on the beauty treatment can be found here: