There are two types of women. Those who shave their legs all year round and those who shave them only in the summer because, lets face it, opaque tights exist for a reason.

I stopped shaving my legs weeks ago, yes I am #teamnoshave. Most men may disagree with my way of thinking, but it is pretty freeing to not have to shave the bottom half of my body every…single…week. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t be taking care of myself in other ways. In fact, selfcare has been pretty high up on my agenda. Here’s why:

1. I looked out of the window and saw nothing but grey clouds. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is real people.

2. I visited VegfestUK London and found loads of healthy, animal product free alternatives to everyday foods. Going vegan may be easier than I thought.

3. This cat meme:

Cat being pampered


in the summer I am like a Kardashian. This includes regular visits to my local spa for pedis – but this can get really expensive.  I have stopped visiting and have been trying out a more economic home spa. I now have the HoMedics Soft as Silk instant pedi and the HoMedics Foldaway Footspa.

I realise now that visiting my pedicurist had more to do with having my feet massaged than getting my toenails polished. Although the footspa is not as good as the real thing, it comes pretty close. It has an extremely soothing vibration massage with raised bubbles at the bottom for you to rest your feet on. My only regret is that I wanted more of a foot jacuzzi, where as this footspa is much more gentle. The trick is to make sure that the water is really hot –  it maintains the heat for you – then sit back and let it bubble away until your feet are like prunes.

Homedics Soft as Silk pediSimilarly, the pedi is a pretty good alternative to getting your feet done by a pro. It removes hard skin from your feet with diamond crystals, has two speed settings and 3 rollers: regular coarse, extra coarse and fine. I have to say that the pedi is super easy to use, the handle is perfectly designed for you to easily reach the back of your feet.

Whether I will continue with my current regime depends on how often I trip over the foot spa on my way to the toilet (probably not often as it’s a foldaway spa that you can put in a drawer). That said, there is something extremely luxuriant about watching Netflix with your feet in bubbly scented water…throw in a bag of nachos and that’s every night my Saturday night sorted. So, for all of you who might want to do the same, go to: www.homedics.co.uk

(Pedi £34.99)

(Footspa £49.99)