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‘You’re too fat for yoga’, ‘You’ll look silly’, ‘Your body won’t let you get into a yoga pose’, ‘Yoga is for skinny people’, ‘You won’t find yoga trousers in your size’. Ever looked in the mirror and told yourself any of the above? Well, we are here to tell you that it’s lies…yes, ALL of it.

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First, let’s clarify something… we don’t blame you for thinking this. Visit any of the most popular yoga inspiration accounts on Instagram and you will be forgiven for thinking that practicing yoga is only for a select few. Type in #yogisofinstagram and you will be greeted with any number of yoga poses, but most of them will be demonstrated by the tanned, lean limbs of beach babes. Thankfully there are a few who are working hard to dispel these myths. We have selected the biggest and the best to show you just how accessible yoga is for women of all sizes. You can follow all of these yogis on Instagram:

@mynameisjessamyn: “I’m Jessamyn. I’m a fat femme. I fucking love yoga.”

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