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5 things to talk about…on a first date

First dates can be nerve wrecking. It’s a well-known fact that it takes just moments to make a lasting impression, so trying to impress someone the first time you meet them can really add to the nerves. For most people, the thing they worry about most is what to talk about. This article will help you cut that pressure in half and give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to making that all important first impression… By Karen McKeon

Here are 5 fail proof topics to talk about that are bound to keep the awkward silences and jitters at bay:

1. Your journey…

This can be a funny one. If you are meeting your date in a certain place, tell them a story about something that happened to you on the way there. “You will never guess what happened on my way here..,.” It is a fantastic way to break the ice and get a few laughs going!

2. What you like about them…

It’s a date, so remember the other person will have put a little extra effort into their appearance and spent a longer getting ready. Compliment them. Compliment his shoes, compliment her hair! Complimenting is a fantastic way of saying you noticed and appreciated the effort that your date has gone to. “I really like your blazer, where did you get it..?” Complimenting can open doors into other topics of conversation too.

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3. Use Your Surroundings…

If you are really stuck for something to talk about, using your surroundings is a great go-to topic. For example, if you are in a restaurant have a scan around. When you walk in comment on the atmosphere, the artwork on the wall, the food. Whatever you see, use it as a conversation starter.

4. “How was your day?”

This is always a fantastic topic because again it is one that can open so many more doors of conversation. People love when someone takes interest in their day and how they are. It’s a very light topic of conversation and a perfect ice breaker for those first few moments.

5. Be Random…

Got a question to ask? Just ask it (within reason of course!). Know have a funny joke? Then tell it. Nothing makes a person laugh more than a random comment – the funnier and more random the question the better. It will kill the nerves and jitters and create an atmosphere of  fun. It is also a great way to convey to your date that you are happy and confident person, someone who is not afraid to be a bit silly.

What do you think? What do you talk about when on a date?

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  1. Britanica

    I like the idea of being random. Random is honest and true to who you are. I may not be in the dating scene (I’m married now) but many of my friends still are. One thing they always ask me is what do you talk about… As if I am the one going out on dates! haha I think there is too much pressure and it is best to just be yourself. Be upfront, honest, and just enjoy your time. If you don’t fancy the guy (or gal) no biggy, at least you got out the house!

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