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The way the world thinks about health and fitness is evolving and Instagram is playing a big role in it. The photo-sharing platform has a reported active user base of 800 million. Instagram has done well in evolving society’s beauty ideals by being a platform for showcasing more than just traditionally waif-like women, but also plus sized and of course super strong, iron-pumping women too.

GQ Magazine have reported that more women are turning to exercise as a way to improve their physique and overall well-being. This newfound appreciation for the holistic benefits of exercise can only spur on more sources of inspiration, especially since there has always been an unhealthy lack of diversity when it comes to role models in everything from new media to traditional advertising.

Instagram is trying to change this trend by being an avenue for women of different races, sizes and interests to share the same goal of improving yourself both physically and mentally.

For anyone  looking for some inspiration, try these Instagram accounts for a daily dose of motivation…

Elisabeth Akinwale

Two-time regional CrossFit champion Elisabeth Akinwale is not here to mess around in the gym. The accomplished weightlifter also has an extensive background in competitive gymnastics, which gives her an edge. Her strength shines through her IG account where she shares the intense training sessions she goes through on a daily basis.

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Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk is a former Australian pole-vaulter now turned yogi and fitness extraordinaire. Her account features snippets of her yoga flows, gravity-defying postures, colourful nutritious meals, and sprint sessions under the Perth sun. And as a bonus, you can even spot her adorable pair of wiener dogs as they try to get her attention when she steps on a yoga mat.

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Robin Arzon

Shut Up and Run, the title of Robin Arzon’s new book, sums up her entire philosophy about fitness. After a near-death experience in 2002, running was her chosen activity to help her recover from the trauma. She’s done it so well that she decided to ditch her career as a lawyer and sign up for every race that she came across. These days, Arzon can be seen logging serious miles around NYC and sharing her knowledge and passion for fitness in the numerous classes she holds.

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Misty Copeland

The principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre is a sight to behold on stage and online. Misty Copeland graces her 1.5 million followers with elegance from every flick of her fingers, upturned chin and each perfectly executed pirouette. For inspiration on how to combine strength and finesse, Misty is the woman to watch.

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Ashima Shiraishi

At only 16 years old, Ashima Shiraishi has already been called the best female rock climber alive by the bouldering community. She has ascended some of the most difficult climbing routes in the world and nabbed titles in esteemed competitions such as the USA Climbing Boulder Nationals. It is obvious from her Instagram videos that she oozes great strength and is every bit meticulous as she traverses climbing routes.

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Gal Gadot

One of my favorite workout routines! #boxing #workhard #workoutwednesday

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Ever wonder what it takes to become a superhero? Gal Gadot’s trainer says it’s 6 hours of a combination of cardio, weights, and calisthenics. The 32-year-old actress sculpted her body for the 2017 installment of the franchise and the result is one of the most badass women to ever appear on the big screen – none other than Wonder Woman herself.

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Instagram is changing beauty ideals but it’s because of women like these and what they represent. Founder of fitness course Be a Better You, Simon Bubb, acknowledges that celebrities have an undeniable influence on people’s daily lifestyle choices. He shared with Entertainment Daily that ‘fitspiration’ should be used as a motivation for when it’s hard to show up to the gym. More importantly, uplifting portrayals of strong women are crucial for paving the way for female empowerment. Female strength is still very much underestimated in today’s world but women like these are out to change that perception through something as simple as sharing photos and videos.

So, who did we miss off of our list?