Healthy snack

Remember that packet of doughnuts you brought in for the team meeting? The jumbo sized crisps you ‘gifted’ yourself for filling out that spreadsheet? How about the biscuits you ate because it was ‘tea o’clock’ and you were bored? Oh wait and the chocolate, all that chocolate, those piles of delicious chocolate you inhaled in 5 minutes flat, even though you had already drank all the tea, you just kept eating the chocolate didn’t you, just kept eating…

Oh wait, no. No, that was me.

Chocolate doughnuts

But what is life without snacks? snacking shouldn’t be something that you save until old age, like retirement or class A drugs. It should be the right of every human being to snack at will. That said, it may be an idea to take a closer look at what you are snacking on inorder to have a balanced diet…and actually live to old age.

Cutting out snacks altogether is not the answer. In fact, nearly half (41%) of UK dieters are shunning snacking as part of their bid to lose weight, resulting in thousands of women across the UK missing out on vital nutrients. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that UK women don’t get enough key vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, selenium, iron, potassium and magnesium (i’m pretty sure all of these things are found in chocolate…)

In short, snacks actually represent an opportunity for us to increase our intake of these essential nutrients – so snack away, but maybe read our list of 4 healthy alternatives first:

1, Say no to crisps and yes to coconut jerky: I’m not going to lie to you, they are an acquired taste. Made from dehydrated coconut strips, if you are partial to strong flavoured crisps or beef jerky these are for you. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and Paleo diets, these babies are free from gluten, refined sugars, dairy, additives and perservatives. Organic and high in fibre, our favourite is the Teriyaki flavour. (MightyBee, £1.99)
2, Say no to fizzy drinks and yes to sugar free: Cut out the sugar, rehydrate and get more vitamins in whilst you’re at it! Get More Vitamin Drinks are a brand containing vits and minerals, spring water and no sugar. (Get More Vitamin Drinks, £1.25)
3, Say no to nachos and dip and yes to veg and hummus: It’s 6.30pm and you’re working late…someone gets out the nachos and dip. What do you do? Opt for pitta, veg and hummus from ChicP Food. They use surplus vegetables to make their hummus and the range of flavours is mind boggling (there is a chocolate one). Our fav is the carrot, ginger and turmeric. (ChicP, £3.00).
4, Say no to biscuits and yes to cacao covered goldenberry: Like a little taste of heaven, sweet and tangy with a light dusting of cacao. I kid you not, we left the best until last. These are heavenly and just the perfect snack to have with coffee. You only need one because the flavour is just so intense. Don’t worry, we didn’t know what goldenberries were either (they’re from Ecuador and offer an abundance of supernutrients to help the body and immune system function).  (Nature’s Heart, £2.59)