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When I was a teen I was often told I dressed like an old woman. By Kiesha Meikle

At the time I took it as an insult. I favoured high necklines, flat shoes, knee length skirts and tailoring over denim, miniskirts and heels – because it suited me better.

Now, in my 30’s, if someone told me I dressed like an old woman it would mean something very different. Maybe because when I was a teen 30 was actually considered old! But more so because there are now a raft of older women who are literally slaying the fashion game. Whether high street brands have noticed this shift I can’t say, but stores are clearly more inclusive than they were all those years ago.

There are a number of ‘daughter + mother + grandmother’ brands that have masterfully bridged the gap between generations, simply by providing stylish clothing, with a focus on good tailoring. For me, COS is one of those brands. But I would also include Zara, And other Stories, GAP and even New Look, Warehouse and River Island depending on the branch you visit. Designer brands have been doing this for much longer, but for those who do not have a huge budget there are now a few more options.

In short, fashion for the over 60’s has changed – but then so have the over 60’s.

There are some women who have taken fashion as a medium of self-expression to a whole new level. I look at these women as examples of how I want to age. Not just in terms of fashion, but for their passion for life and new adventures too. It goes much deeper than just pairing the right dress with the right necklace…it’s risk taking, uncensored individualism and a complete disregard for what others think a woman should wear.

Here are some of our favourite examples from Advanced Style and the Accidental Icon:


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