Matthew Williamson

Matthew WilliamsonI’m a sucker for print. The way a beautiful design can transform a piece of material or space – whether that be a cushion, a dress or wall – it can be a real game changer.

I have always been a fan of Matthew Williamson’s use of colour and print in his women’s wear designs, so when I found out about his home collection (particularly the wallpaper) I was stoked.  In fact, the last time I saw Matthew Williamson it was on the front cover of Living Etc. He was standing in the most beautiful room surrounded by a cacophony of colour and print, there was even a peacock hanging from the wall…yes, a peacock. It was brilliant.

So, I am not surprised at all that Nivea have collaborated with Williamson on a new limited edition, black and white print deodorant bottle. At a brunch launch, Matthew Williamson talked about the collab and his relationship with the Nivea brand…

NIVEA and Matthew Williamson brunch

Check out what Matthew Williamson had to say about the collaboration below: