Woman laying in a bed of Spring flowers with stripy top

There’s something you might have noticed lately, something crazy that you’d forgotten all about during the course of winter…daylight.

Daylight on train tracks

Instead of trudging to work in what feels like the dead of night, your morning commute is once again filled with the sunny, heart-warming rays of dawn. Oh yes, spring is well and truly on its way. And so long as we ignore all those Met Office warnings about Storm Doris (the weather forecast’s always wrong, right?), we can finally start to get excited about our favourite season. For us, that means planning a few new additions to our wardrobes and beauty routines. Here’s our pick of the trends set to take over your life this spring.

Florals: We’ll admit that chunky knitwear has some advantages (namely that it’s cosy), but it’s also a total pain to wash and, by this point, we’re sick of trying to find chic ways to wear baggy jumpers. So the thought of swapping all those heavy layers for delicate cami tops and flippy skirts has our hearts skipping and our sartorial imagination running wild.

Floral dress and hat

With new stock filtering onto our favourite online retailers pretty much every hour, we’re spoiled for choice at the moment. One key look we can’t wait to rock is a floral skater dress . We’ll be wearing ours with a cardigan during the day and killer stiletto heels for a night out.

Grey Nike trainers

Fur lined crocsComfy footwear: It may still be freezing cold and wet, but we’re daydreaming about the not-so-distant future when we’ll be able to ditch the tights and boots for open-toe sandals without risking frostbite. And even better, this year’s biggest shoe trends look comfier than ever. Slip-on mules, quirky flatforms, sporty trainers, velvet ballets, wrap-around sandals – there are several options to pick from. Word of warning, though – despite being all about this new meeting of style and comfort, we draw the line at furry crocs (what were you thinking, Christopher Kane?).

Skincare essentials: Soon we won’t have to rely on layers of foundation, highlighter and dewy blusher to achieve a natural, healthy glow – the sun will be doing all the hard work for us. Make sure you exfoliate every day to stop dead skin cells building up as you adjust to the new weather, and treat yourself to some micellar cleansing water . The all-in-one Garnier option will act as a cleanser and toner, making your beauty routine much quicker. When it comes to makeup, tinted moisturiser will be your best friend (look out for one with SPF for some much-needed UV protection), giving you a hint of coverage whilst also letting your pores breathe.

​What’s your favourite thing about spring fashion? Got any other top skincare tips to help us survive the transition to spring? Leave a comment and let us know.