Beautiful Black woman

Kiesha with natural hairAs a woman and particularly as a black woman, 2016 was a bit of a mind fu@!k really.

There is no other way to sum up the events that took place and the blatant racist and sexist ideologies that lead to them. Most scary was that these ideologies were supported by so. many. people. in 2016, seriously?

At home and overseas, politically and socially, blatantly and subtly things were said, policies were put in place and decisions were made, each one like a gut punch. Not least because I now have a black female child to think about.

Beautiful Black woman side profile (photo of model)

There’s no need for me to go over old ground, you were there. Quite frankly, if you are still of the mind that ‘it’s not all that bad’ or ‘we should all just calm down’ and even worse ‘maybe it’s for the best?’ then we don’t have much to talk about, you and me. For those of you who are out marching, getting in formation and creating those much needed kitchen table action plans, please remeber there is a blatant need for selfcare too…and I’m here to prescribe it.

You know when the midwife tells a mother to eat first before she feeds the baby? Well, that’s because without a strong mummy there is NO ONE to feed said baby.

I woke up to the news that Donald Trump – the misogynist, sexist, racist who has just announced he is in fact going ahead with building a wall to keep out ‘the Mexicans’ and has recently signed a ban on federal money going to international groups that perform or provide information on abortions. (He once said women should be punished for abortion. Now he’s making it happen) – had become the next president of the United States. This felt like the culmination of an entire year of bizarre events I could have done without.

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My first phone call was to my mother. Once she had talked me down off the ledge, I set about a selfcare regime which I continue with to this day. Why? Because balance.

It takes a calm mind to discuss politics with your peers and digest the sheer avalanche of information the media is churning out – meditation helps. It takes a strong body to march all day – exercise and a healthy diet are key. It takes faith to keep things together when the world looks like a soap opera starring a balding, orange narcissist – whoever you prayer to, it may be a good time to get consistent.

So, the message is simple. Extreme times call for extreme measures, but a strong foundation is essential. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, do it. Book that spa, celebrate that birthday, go for drinks with the girls, go to kick boxing, drink that smoothy, go on that date, plan the loft extension, buy that lipstick, take baby to the zoo…and I will see you on the battleground.