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What…? What’s that now…? You don’t have an extra room for a home gym? Well, of course you bloody don’t:

One bedroom flat
And neither do we. So we have come up with a list of the best home workout equipment you can store under your bed. That’s right, small enough to store and quiet enough to use in your one bedroom flat in Dalston.

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Lets be real, unless you have a trust fund or you just don’t mind shelling out your paycheque to the local gym, getting yourself some easy-to-store workout equipment could be the answer. You live in London and space is at a premium – we know. You don’t want to spend too much because this new fitness regime you’ve adopted may only last until March – yep, got it. Here are a few options for you:

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Swing stepperThe Swing Stepper (£24.99, Aldi) offers aerobic exercise via a compact home toning stair climber with swing motion. In short, it’ a nice and tidy way to work out that butt and those thighs. You can do this in your bedroom or in front of the TV. This is a real favourite because it’s so easy to use and does not require a huge amount of assembly…none at all actually. This is a good cardio workout that you can do even if you have tenants living beneath you – super affordable too.
The Aerobics Stepper (£11.99, Aldi) has an adjustable height so fitness fans can slowly increase the intensity of their workout. This is great for beginners, very low cost and can be used whenever or wherever you like.  It does make you wonder why you don’t take the stairs more, but if you live in a bungalow then this ones a winner!
Workout / Yoga Mat (£62, Yoga Design Lab). They’re stunning, no really, they’re lovely! You will be doing ‘Salute to the Sun’ just to look at your jazzy new mat. You could use an old beach towel but oh, please don’t be that person.
Davina Weighted Hula Hoop with Counter (£9.99, Argos), it’s a hula hoop, yes. On the plus side, it’s cheap as chips and no one will see you looking like a plonker when using it at home. Kick it under the bed when you’re done.
Everlast Pull Up and Sit Up Bar (17.99, Argos). I know times are hard but you do have a doorway don’t you? This bar can be placed between your door frame to allow for sit ups and pull ups. You can tone your upper body muscles and improve your aerobic conditioning with this handy bar…or you could use the end of the bed, but we all now how that ended last time don’t we. A much sturdier option for home fitness.
Are you up for some home working out?