Deddeh Howard modelling underwear

Her name is Deddeh Howard and if you haven’t seen her Instagram page, we recommend you take a look. Not only is she a stunning model in her own right, she is using her platform to draw more attention to the need for diversity in the modeling and fashion industries. Deddeh Howard says she is calling for visibility of black models, and is doing so by recreating some of today’s biggest designer campaigns, taking the place of stars like Gisele Bundchen, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Moss.

Howard says: “Growing up in Africa, I knew nothing about Black and White, we’re all equal, it was United we stand! At least that’s what my parents thought me and that’s what I believe in. I believe we can be whoever we want to be, so don’t let anyone tell you’re not what you want to be. If they can do it! So can you. It’s about time we stand up together..Dream and Believe. I’m personally fighting for more diversity especially more black models to be seen on bill boards, movies, TV commercials, advertisements etc for us all.”

Check out her killer shots below: