Woman wearing thick rimmed spectacles

Snapchat glasses in redHave you heard? Snapchat have just launched a pair of sunglasses with a camera inside. They take pictures of the world without you having to take your phone out or even having to remove the glasses from your face. Problem is they only come in one style – think Elton John. Which means they probably won’t suit you. Oh and there’s the obvious circle of LEDs that light up when you shoot video! No thanks Snapchat.

If you’re NOT the kind of person to buy your frames from a vending machine, choosing the right frames for your face shape, skintone and lifestyle is going to be pretty important. In fact, if you wear your frames everyday, it’s going to be as important as the hairstyle you choose and the makeup you put on.

We all know that different face shapes look better with particular types of frames. Whether your face is oval, rectangular, square or round, your choice of frame will either accentuate your best features or highlight your worst. That said, this is not the only thing to think about when choosing specs – what about your hairstyle? A change of hairstyle can actually alter the visual dimensions of your face and make your glasses look completely different on you. Getting a fringe cut could mean that your old glasses look more senior citizen than sexy secretary.

With that in mind, here are four top tips to remember when choosing your frames…

Red Balenciaga FramesDon’t go too safe: Yes, you will be wearing them everyday… but you will also be wearing them everyday! The ideal pair of specs will take you from work to the bar so opt for a fun colour or shape that you can dress up and down. (Balenciaga frames: £257.95)


Black Chloe circular framesGo designer: Not a must, but if you have a favourite designer, chances are they have their own line of frames. Some can be pretty affordable so it can be worth checking them out. If you like their line of shoes and bags you’ll probably like their specs too. (Chloe frames: £136.95)


Black Prada framesHave a back up pair: At some point your glasses will break or you will misplace them – trust me. Always have a back up pair of frames and opt for something simple but stylish, as you could be wearing them for some time. Plus, you may need something super formal for a particular event or occasion like an interview. (Prada frames: £126.95)

Miu Miu cat eye framesWhen in doubt, opt for a thinner frame: The less frame they have, the less noticeable your glasses will be. If you are used to contact lenses and are taking baby steps with your specs, go for a clear, wire rimmed or ultra thin frame to ease yourself in. (Miu Miu frames: £150.95)



Let us know what style of glasses you’ll be choosing…