Vegan breakfast

Pale, wan, hungry, weird…? Oh, no no no! Gone is the image of the neurotic, underfed vegan. In fact, you need look no further than your nearest Instagram feed to see just how cool going vegan has become. 

Images of bronzed healthy vegans are everywhere (often mid yoga pose, looking serenely at a bowl of matcha) and there’s no doubt that social media has done wonders for the vegan image. But up until now, it hasn’t done much to make veganism more accessible to the average Joe and Joanne. Fortunately, there is a relatively new wave of everyday veganism which has begun to bridge the gap on platforms like YouTube. Educating and engaging with ever increasing audiences, everyday vegans are showing us how to ditch the meat and animal products for a kinder, healthier way of life.

(Above: Liv’s Healthy Life)

For those who thought becoming vegan would be hard work, too extreme, unhealthy, too expensive, boring or would just mean a life of tasteless, unsatisfying meals, these Youtubers have stepped in to dispel the myths and provide anything from easy recipes to advice on where to buy the best vegan chocolate. If veganism has ever been on your to do list, you may want to check out these YouTube channels on all things vegan. (For information on what veganism is and what becoming a vegan may entail, visit We recommend that you consult your GP before making any extreme changes to your diet.)

Easy Vegan:

Worried that going vegan will mean spending more money on food, or extra time in the kitchen? Well, you need to check out  the Cheap Lazy Vegan – she’ll show you how to live a vegan lifestyle even if you are short on time, patience and money!

Vegan Foody:

Think that vegan food is boring, or that you’ll run out on ideas of what to cook? Look no further than the Vegan Corner

Vegan Gains:

Think veganism and making gains don’t go hand in hand? Do you even lift bro??? Take a look at Veganhustle TV

Cool Vegan:

Scared you might lose cool points amongst your non vegan friends? Check out Edgy Veg for how to do veganism without becoming dull as dishwater.

Feeling inspired? 

Vegfest is one of Europe’s keynote vegan festivals. Go along and check out the stalls full of top-notch vegan food, bodycare, cosmetics, fashion and more. Vegfest Scotland will take December 3rd-4th 2016.