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advanced-brightening-moisturiserWhen I was asked to review the new brightening moisturiser by SKN-RG I definitely pinned my hopes on it. For two reasons: 1) It’s summer 2) I’m incredibly pale – it’s no secret that the two don’t exactly go hand in hand…
By Alexandra Twohey

Not only are you more prone to sunburn, but uneven skin tone is far more prominent when you’re virtually opaque, which doesn’t bode well if you’re hoping to avoid heavy foundation in the summer heat. Switching to a lightweight moisturiser took a bit of getting used to; it’s thin, but a little goes a long way – which is good news when it’s priced at £49.50 for 50ml.

The cruelty-free cream is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that revive tired skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and scars, all while aiding in the production of healthy skin cells – keeping your complexion bright and energised. My instinct is to presume a thicker consistency means better quality, but that certainly isn’t true of SKN-RG. With three pumps I was able to fully cover my face, neck and décolleté, all of which was quickly absorbed and felt instantly hydrated – a feeling I’m glad I can say remained throughout the day. Admittedly I didn’t find the scent particularly pleasant, a very strong citrusy smell which lingers a little too long; however, I was impressed with the immediate effect the moisturiser had on my skin.

My face had an instantly healthy glow with a subtle shimmer that made me look far fresher than I was feeling – almost like a mini post-night out facial.

I continued to use the moisturiser twice a day for two weeks and my skin is certainly thanking me for it. In addition to looking visibly tighter and brighter, I was surprised to see a pretty drastic minimisation of my pores (probably worth noting I’ve been practically inspecting them with a magnifying glass for the past couple of months…) so this was a more than welcome bonus. I also noticed a vast improvement in my décolleté, which looks smoother, clearer, and almost more youthful. While I can’t say my skin is ready to parade the beach in all its glory just yet, I’m confident that if I guzzle back water and stick with the SKN-RG brightening moisturiser, it won’t be long until I’m ready to bare all.

Woman sitting the sun, curly hair

Verdict: While it’s pricey, I do believe this powerful little moisturiser has the potential to make a remarkable difference to your skin. The brand is currently offering 10% off for new customers when you enter discount code “TRANSFROM” at the checkout (with Free 1 st Class P&P – UK only) so there’s no better time to give SKN-RG a go!