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Let me start by saying – heartbreak sucks! By Yasmin Browne

Two years ago, I lost my first love. Love wasn’t enough for us anymore and my happiness was compromised. Even though it was my decision to part ways, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Losing your first love is painful, it’s something I wish I never had to experience. But looking back on it now – it had to happen. Whether you ended the relationship or your partner did, it’s painful. But it’s how you overcome it and what you can do to move forward that is important. Time is such a big part of your healing process, it takes patience and endurance.  Like all things in life, overcoming heartbreak will be a learning curve that will help you to grow…

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Getting through it…

Here are some steps I have taken to help get over this emotional time in my life:

Accept what’s happened

As honest and brutal as it sounds, it is so important to accept a break-up. It took me a long while, but if you don’t it will prolong your hurt and prevent you from moving forward.

No contact

I admit it, I kept in contact. This did not help me to move on. If anything it took me two steps backwards and in some ways it kept the non-existent ‘relationship’ alive. Keeping in touch whether if it is only by text or phone, wont allow you to have the clean slate that you deserve.

Take on new hobbies

I wanted to take on something new. Something I could invest my time in and enjoy. I decided to get involved in doing Yoga again, which not only helps your mind, body and soul but also gets you out and meeting new people. Its now become apart of my routine.

Keep Busy/Distract Yourself

Being productive allows you to concentrate on the task at hand – writing does this for me. I love to write and it keeps me distracted from daily life. Find something that you enjoy or even something as simple as cleaning to keep your hands busy. Keeping busy helps you to process things.

Take it day by day

Last but not least, take each day as it comes. You will go through a mix of emotions, you may feel low on some days, other days you may feel alot more positive. With every day that passes you will become stronger and you will be able to combat these feelings. Remember, no matter how you get through this, always be kind to yourself.