Rock & Ruddle brushes

I know I’m not alone in my lust for a long and swishy mane. Yet something as simple as using the wrong brush can snag, tear and weaken our hair, causing it to stop growing at that annoying mid-length stage somewhere around the shoulders. By Alexandra Twohey

Rock & Ruddle brushes

It was with great joy that on my quest to have the lushest locks in all the land I was introduced to Rock & Ruddle. The relatively new brand focused entirely on producing high quality boar bristle brushes in quirky, unique designs that promise to keep your hair strong, shiny and healthy.

How? Well boar bristles are naturally strong and resilient; their stiffness allows you to brush through knots easily without causing breakage because they don’t catch and pull in the way that nylon bristles do. In addition, they have microscopic scales (yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds!) that distributes the sebum produced by your scalp throughout the hair, resulting in less greasy roots and shinier ends – a win/win for both oily and dry hair types alike.

Test 1: Brushing

When I received the colourful package I found three delightful designs – two small, handbag sized brushes and one large – priced at £20 and £30 respectively. I excitedly tore the larger brush out of its box, eager to try it regardless of my hair being nestled on top of my head in a messy mid-week bun.  It was a hair wash day and I hadn’t yet hit the shower, so I wasn’t expecting to see Rapunzel gazing back at me from the mirror… but I was seriously impressed with the results. From the ears down my hair was soft, glossy and flowed in a way that could rival Ms Middleton’s – in fact, if it hadn’t been for the giveaway greasy roots, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d just walked out of a fancy blow-dry salon. So far, so very good.

Test 2: Blow-drying

Next came the ultimate test: the blow dry. While the boar bristles helped my hair to dry rapidly, the oval shape of the bush meant I couldn’t get enough grip or volume, so I had to give up half way through and revert back to my trusty barrel. That said, boar bristles get a Brucey bonus for keeping your hair clean in-between washes by picking up dirt and excess oils as you brush. Post blow-dry I kept my nifty new friend in my bag at all times, and while it couldn’t quite create a blow dry, it certainly succeeded in maintaining one. I was careful not to brush my hair directly from the roots – more so from around halfway down the scalp in order to maintain volume – but with every stroke my hair was left in a salon-fresh state, and I couldn’t help but wonder how fabulous the effects of this brush would be on super long hair (one day, one day…)

Verdict: Run out and buy one!