Woman texting her ex

They are like a rash that just won’t budge. An itchy, disgusting rash but you can’t help but scratch it…By Savannah Nelis

Sleeping with your ex is never a good thing. It is totally understandable why some people can’t resist, as it is easier than trying to hook up with someone new which is most probably going to be awkward. What’s more,  you and your ex know each other’s bodies well, which encourages confidence and raunchy fun. That said, if you are confused as to why you guys keep going back to one another and want to put a stop to it, then read on…

1. Are you really single?: Ask yourself if there is a possibility that you could be drawn to one another like magnets because you could be getting back together, or maybe it’s the  excitement of the forbidden that drives you guys crazy. You both need to talk to figure that one out, especially if it’s you who wants to get back with your ex…your ex may not actually want to.

2. Truthful talking: Tell him straight that this is not the relationship you want to have anymore. You need to find the inner strength to walk away if you know that sex is all it is ever going to be between you. You are better than just sex and deserve to find someone who can show you the right kind of affection, the proper way.

Woman taking pic of her ex

3. Stop texting and calling him: If you can’t tell him straight, then slowly lose communication. Whether you text first or not, he is probably thinking ‘yeah, she wants me.’ What are you, a booty call? If that’s not what you want then take control,  tone it down and you will find yourself seeing the real world. If you see him because you want to get back with him, again, take control – do not sleep with him. Show him that you are an ex and ex’s do NOT sleep together. Nothing feels sexier than knowing you just took control of a hard situation.

4. Two steps forward: Sleeping with your ex will continue that emotional bond you shared. You will most likely feel like crap after sex because you know that is all it is. Once you cut contact you will start to see things clearly – you may actually find that one of you is using the other. It’s hard, but the truth is you broke up for a reason. This might cause a little melancholy and anger, but all breakups create those feelings. The quicker you realise that cutting contact is for the better, the sooner you will find yourself moving on and becoming happier.

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5. Embrace single life: Put yourself out there more, talk to new people, give yourself some ‘you’ time and get a new outfit. Have a taste of the single life, as this will help you to realise there are more enjoyable things than sex with the ex.

6. Hobbies galore: Find yourself a new hobby that will keep you busy. This will help to ease the pain of a breakup. Keep busy and if a hobby isn’t for you then do some extra  hours at work. Save up for that sexy dress you have had your eye on or plan a holiday. Find excitement in other things than just sex with your ex. These things take time and eventually you will find your happy place.

Remember, venture forward because staying in the past is not exciting for long, it’s just familiar.