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“If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we will notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we will notice”. Coco Chanel

In so many ways you are what you wear – in fact, your style choices speak volumes before you even open your mouth. We express ourselves and our feelings through our clothing, accessories and hair…it’s that simple. By Karen Mc Keon

Rings and tatoos

Even better, we can use clothing as a weapon and an aid when we want to feel good about ourselves or create an image we want to portray. US based Tracey DiNunzio, founder of online clothing site Tradesy.com,  explains that when she started up her business she was working from home in her pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms. She noticed she had a lack of motivation and realised that her style choices were the cause. She began dressing up every day, wearing second hand Chanel and travelling into L.A. to work instead. Her business began to sky rocket as a result.

So, if style is so important, what do your style choices say about you? Anna Villaruel, professional image consultant and fashion stylist says, “style is about expressing your individuality and personality through clothes.” Anna also gives us the low down on the 6 common style archetypes below….

The Romantic

People who fall into this category are extremely feminine, tasteful and alluring – and often whimsical. They tend to have a fun and often flirtatious personality and love to socialise and meet new people.Your wardrobe will be dominated by soft colours, lace, ruffles and pleats. You veer towards loosely draped pieces and delicate accessories. Aspects of vintage fashion may also make an appearance in your wardrobe.

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Natural Woman

You will fall into this category if you tend to avoid fussy and over the top fashion. Practicality, relaxation and comfort is key. Your clothes will usually have very few details and be softly tailored.  Anna explains that people who dress like this are easy going, down to earth and usually go with the flow. They are reserved, reliable and responsible. Even when chaos makes an appearance, people with this style personality will remain cool, calm and collected.


People in this category will select bold and bright colours. They won’t always stick to the latest trends and aren’t afraid to stand out. Prints, big accessories and statement pieces dominate your wardrobe. People in this section are headstrong and have an authoritative persona. They can be a seductive and sensual person but can also intimidate people. Dramatic style portrays confidence and sexual openness. Usually people with a dramatic sense of style will be the life and soul of a party or event.

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Classic Style

People who dress in a classic way steer towards more conservative clothing. Outfits will usually be timeless, colour co-ordinated and elegant. Neutral colours dominate your wardrobe. This style portrays a personality that like “The Natural” is also reserved. Classics tend to be neat and tidy. They have an excellent work ethic and usually get on great in the workplace. They are mature, realistic and organised.


Trendy people keep up to date with the latest looks. They wear all kind of clothes and don’t stick to the constraints of traditional wardrobe. Clothing choices in this category constantly change. Usually, whatever looks cool and edgy – you’re there. Anna tells us that people who dress in a trendy way are dominant and know what they want. They are spontaneous, innovative and fun. That said, life for people in the trendy category can be a bit disorganised and can be full of chaos at times.

The Creative

If you are creative, you usually dress to showcase your creativity. This could take the form of bold colours and clashing pieces. You dress depending on what you like and how you feel. Your wardrobe will consist of contrasting styles and unusual prints. People in this category don’t care what others think – they are most concerned with showing their art through clothes. They are innovative and confident. They usually have an individualistic outlook and are independent and often easy going.

So, which one are you?