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Bringing a plus one to a wedding can be fantastic, but there may come a time when you have to fly solo.  Yes, it’s scary, but there is no need to switch to panic mode because believe it or not, going to a wedding alone can be a blast! By Karen Mc Keon

Your ‘flying solo’ worries will be a thing of the past once you know how to work the situation and make the most of it, here’s how;

1. The Right Outfit

Wear something that you feel comfortable and relaxed in. When you feel comfortable and relaxed in yourself, it will show.  If you constantly have to take off your shoes on the down low under the table or rush to the toilet to make sure your cleavage is still in place – you’re not relaxed and certainly not comfortable!

2. Get Busy

Fair enough, all of the important roles might be filled, but there will definitely be someone who needs a hand. You can even create your own job, like taking photos throughout the day and creating a gift for the bride and groom with them. This is a great way to mingle and meet new people too.


3. The Dinner Hour

At one point you will be sitting down to eat with a handful of other people. Realistically there is no way of getting out of this one, so work it and take advantage of the situation. Tell the woman next to you that you like her dress – people will have put extra effort into their appearance. Comment on how nice the food is. Use your surroundings to spark up a conversation. This is only a small portion of the wedding but a great time to get the conversation flowing.

4. Confidence is Key

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Put your best foot forward. Attending a wedding alone portrays independence and confidence so don’t be afraid to let it shine. It’s also a great excuse to practice some personal growth and push yourself outside your comfort zone! Take advantage of the freedom being alone has to offer and the fact that you don’t have to entertain a date. Grab yourself a drink, mingle, network, make friends and dance. Ask an elderly person sitting alone would they like to dance. They like nothing more than to show someone younger than them how to throw some shapes on the dancefloor! And if it gets too much, you can always excuse yourself and touch up your make up in the toilet.

5. Other Solo Guests

There is bound to be someone else who attended the wedding alone or has nobody to talk to, right?  Go and talk to them. Simple as! They have probably felt the flying solo worries too, so you have something in common immediately. And who knows, if your both single you could end up talking to your future soul mate!

Do you have any tips for attending a wedding solo? Comment below…